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But they also play a much wider variety of music than Nova and i would bet are a lot less repetitive than Nova throughout the day.

There are so many songs that Nova should be playing but they don’t. They should not have songs in their top 10 high rotation like These Days by Rudimental which is 8 months old.

There are so many songs they should be playing which are on the singles charts or on an album on the album charts, but they don’t. They seem to last on thd playlist for a couple of weeks and then they disappear. Its crazy.

Lovely by Billie Eilish/Khalid and Ocean by Martin Garrix/Khalid are just a couple in the top 20 which are perfect for Nova and should be played all day but they are not. Crazy. Others not played or not played enough are Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD, Jackie Chan by Tiesto & Dzeko Feat. Preme & Post Malone, Fire by Peking Duk, Nevermind by Dennis Lloyd, Rise by Jonas Blue.

Rather than playing a wider variety of fresh music, they stick too playing some tracks 10 times a day for 9 months.


Maybe not in Sydney or metro markets because obviously it didn’t suit ‘a metro format’, if anyone knows what that is nowadays. But just pointing out that The Fighter was overplayed on Regionals and still is, I heard it the other day during Hit Breakfast… But yeah I’m not sure if country or Keith Urban is the way Nova should be leading. Like Meant To Be was overplayed and should have been cut from the playlist in March/April because every time I hear that song it makes me think I’m listening to a catchy country format, but I suppose CHR Australia is a mix of all different genres nowadays. Seems like Nova are leaning towards Triple M Regionals in playing 'More Country and the Greatest Hits from the 70… Oh wait this is Nova, ‘More Country and Non-Stop Repetition’ of the “Greatest Hits”


Country is not really a big part of Nova’s playlist but the “Non-Stop Repetition” of a handful of “Current Hits” and same old “Greatest Hits” seems to be the mantra now.


I get your frustration, sometimes I feel that way with Fox, but very rarely. I must say looking at , the weekend playlist looks a lot less repetitive than what is played during the week, I mean it looks as if they wouldn’t play Fresh Hits like Eastside, Jackie Chan, Ocean, Don’t Leave Me Alone, No Brainer, Happy Now, All Loved Up or Clark Griswold during the week, exception being Smallzy doing his surgery. All great tunes btw


The Smallzy stuff is what their playlist ought to be more of, less lame 2004 tracks and country crap. You’re programming to the two biggest markets in Australia who don’t have a huge appetite for country music.

KTM has an okay if hugely repetitive playlist, but before 4pm on Nova 100 at least it’s starting to sound like the old Mix 101.1.


Really…Wow. Well I mean it is Chrissie’s station I suppose. Looks like KIIS 1011 with their new younger breakfast and drive shows could be the next Nova100 and Nova might be looking to head towards the old Mix with Chrissie… Who would have thought??


Hot country, Fresh hits and Greatest memories.

Now that certainly “Sounds Different”


Imagine if Nova brought back Sounds Different.

It’d be a clear dig at both 2Day and KIIS.


Total agree.

And Kate, Tim and Marty constantly bag how repetitive the playlist is.

it was Marty’s turn last week where he took a swipe at the umpteenth play of Hurt Somebody by Noah Kahan/Julia Michaels over the past eight months. I’m paraphrasing but it went something like this. Yeah, I really liked that song. I was up and dancing around the studio too that. Because you get some song that get repeated to death but not that one. I just enjoy hearing that one every time it comes on again. :joy: Tim was in hysterics in the background and egging him on while Kate just laughed.

Except they don’t sound different. They sound like a cross between KIIS and 2Day.


This pop/country crossover has certainly gotten a flogging on FM radio in Australia this year.


Nova 96.9 sounds like i98 without the occasional classic rock or alternative song i98 throw in.


Well it is playing the Hottest country


Still no word on what’s happening with Greg Burns. He is still listed on Sydney 96.9 website as hosting 9am-1pm even though he isn’t. From his Instagram, @gregburnsnova:

He was in Melbourne 1 Aug. People mentioning they haven’t heard him on Nova for ages and asking what is going on but he doesn’t reply.

He returned to London 20 Aug. People asking if he was back just visiting but again he doesn’t reply.

Surprised nobody has been questioning this in the media, so thinking it could be a personal issue.


Yeah I was thinking it must be personal due to no media coverage.


The instragram handle would suggest he’s still employed by Nova. Surely he’d change it if he’d left.


His Twitter username is still @GregCapital


Probably just never got round to changing it or thought it was too complicated to do.


He also barely uses Twitter


Well that’s true for a lot of people now. Same goes for Facebook. Instagram is the only form of social media that is growing.


Snapchat staff will be disappointed to hear that.