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For the first time in as long as I can remember (apart from Breakfast) Nova 969 and Nova 100 have a different playlist as Nova 969 is playing all Pink due to her concert in Sydney.


And another weekend with no Greg Burns!!!

Jason Sole was on Nova 96.9 this morning.


There’s no way this is just annual leave. He hasn’t been on air (consistently) for at least 2, if not 3, months. He has to be gone, surely?


Merrick and Rosso interviewed by Craig Bruce.


So they didn’t like Kyle? What a surprise. Coming from their JJJ background and having to deal with the ascendency of Kyle whilst on competing station Nova 969.

Sadly a special reason, be good if it was the norm. Metro markets with over a quarter of a billion revenue each year; yes, they can afford a MD in each market.

A real radio man, the Soleman knows radio in Australia. As I’m sure Greg Burns would be well suited to similar in the UK where he’d be better received.

You could always ring Nova or ask an entertainment journo to follow it up.


I’ve noticed, especially this past week, Nova’s playlist in Sydney has been really good. Mixture of new and recent along with throwbacks. Really enjoying the new format.


Nova doesn’t know what is it anymore. At least before while it was repetitive it had a cohesive brand. Now you’ve got weird playlists during the day and hot 30 from 4pm onwards. Plus they keep playing a lot of country cross over lately which is a huge turn off. Thank god for Kate Tim and Marty.


Agreed. Time that PJ realises that plaugerizing doesn’t work




Yeah. It’s rubbish. Why do they do it?

Even the throwbacks are repetitive. The same songs from last year or five years ago or 20 years ago get repeated throughout the day and every couple of days. It’s so frustrating.


is the country cross-over stuff like Morgan Evans, Sam Hunt and Keith Urban?

If so the answer is simple. They test through the roof.


Bring on the country, proper variety. Good on Nova, I’ve switched from MMM during the day


With who? They barely make it on any charts.


I don’t understand
You find Nova’s repetitive playlist so offensive, and then when they introduce new songs you complain that it’s bad :woman_shrugging:t2:


I totally agree with the comments above, they have lost their positioner.
Does the station play fresh hits or is it trying to be a hot AC station with their Greatest Hits format?

The throwbacks are so AC and IMO do not fit with the station. I am so sick of them already. I preferred it when they played Fresh Hits. Now KIIS plays more fresh hits then Nova!!

PJ has taken the format of Nova 93.7 because it is successful in Perth and implemented it across all the other stations. What works in the West does not always work in other states.

We will get a better idea if the format is gaining any traction on the 28th Aug when the next survey results are released.


charts are only a small aspect of what gets airplay.

Emails to listeners, OMDs, caller feedback… it all shapes.


KIIS is playing Morgan Evans, Sam Hunt and Keith Urban too…


It’s why KOFM might have mid teen % share of the market yet that’s what it is, the radio market, those still left listening, not the full population who may not feel like whatever Mickey and we know best brigade thinks test best for a supposed target audience. Same for Paul and his highway to hell for Nova.


Hope this is appropriate for this thread…


The problem is this stuff is just as repetitive and what’s worse is some of it isn’t that great. They’ve suddenly put Body Like A Back Road on high rotation when it’s over a year old and was overplayed a year ago.

The Morgan Baker stuff is extremely forgettable. I don’t know one of his songs if I heard it. Keith Urban new song is the only one that deserves to be played even if it also is very forgettable.

They should be playing the Keith Urban duet with Carrie Underwood which was a big hit The Fighter which is catchy crossover hit and people don’t get sick of. They didn’t play it much originally and they still don’t. For shame.