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It’s a cheap and nasty imitation in every sense of the word. Those calling the shots must be in a delusional group think. This is across all facets of the station.

There’s daylight between the Nova 969 of today and the quality Paul Thompson and team created and maintained for years prior to DMG selling out.

Duncan would always poach, doesn’t have an original idea going. All the stations they own and yet no effort to put live talent on nights or middawn, simply let someone else do it. Ridiculous.


Nova has moved away from sounding exactly like Capital, however Nova is using the Capital colours in their logos now. Capital plays fresh hits on repeat every two hours 24/7. Nova has gone older.
The imaging at Capital is far superior to that of Nova.

In regards to playlist they are really starting to flog songs that Nova decided we’re past their used by date 6-12 months ago. Prime example Pretty Girl - Maggie Liddeman, now being played daily.

The playlist is still not right, yes the fresh hits are not on repeat every 3 hours like before, but the greatest hits they added to the playlist are so boringly safe and repetitive, and making me want to switch off. Please give Sydney the Brisbane playlist it may just rate better!!!


Here are the awful ads if you haven’t seen them yet.


There’s an article on Radioinfo about how much of Nova 96.9’s playlist has changed since the “Greatest Hits Workday” was introduced last month:


Interesting that this page gives an ‘access denied’ error message, rather than ‘page not found:thinking:

Wonder if a change is on the cards?


Websites are unreliable anyway. Nova 96.9 has been showing Greg Burns “currently on air” even when he’s not.


On the flipside, the Brisbane and Adelaide sites were updated on the day that Burns was dropped from mornings


Another week of Troy Ellis. I’m not convinced that Greg is returning to his mornings slot.


It sure doesn’t sound like he is returning. Was he on, this weekend?


Yep. I wonder if they are waiting to see a full survey of the new playlist and Troy in the role before making it permanent?


60 minutes of “Non Stop Nova” has now been introduced in on Nova 969.


I heard that last week. It seemed to be 11am to noon.


They just did 9-10am. Maybe it’s every hour with ads on the :55 mark?


Are they now plagiarizing KIIS??? Anyone heard of the power start KIIS do at the start of every block of songs, NON-Non Stop KIIS


I have only heard it at 9am, the other hours seem to be be 40 min blocks, I could be wrong.

Before under the fresh hits workday they would be do 60 mins non stop from 9am, then each other hour they would have ads at 20 past 40 past and then at the top of the hour. Brisbane does 100mins at 9am as part of their Greatest Hits Work Day.

To the previous question I did not hear Greg Burns on last weekend in Sydney. Nova should make an announcement stating if Greg Burns is out or and if so is Troy replacing him.


Sorry my comment was on the Non-Stop Nova position, that seems to have been plagiarized from KIIS


Another weekend/ week gone with no Greg Burns. It really is all very strange.


Wonder when his contract’s up…


Another epic fail for streaming Nova 96.9 this morning. They’ve put on the native adverts (yet again) but now you get dead air after it. Bloody hopeless.

Can they just give up trying to implement these shifty ads?


Fixed now but we are suffering the native adverts again. :weary: