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I haven’t heard Troy say he’s filling in for Greg lately. Unless I’ve missed it? He said it all throughout June.


He is no longer saying filling in for Greg Burns. I wonder why Radio today and radio info have not picked up on it and written articles?


On his Instagram, @gregburnsnova he has been obsessively posting photos about England and the World Cup. Could he have asked for extended leave to watch the World Cup?

I noticed on one of his posts this week (6 days ago, during his weekend shift), he had a comment about Nova and he replied.

grizzlysmumGreg my hubby is worried that you might have left nova
gregburnsnova@grizzlysmum This was filmed in Nova TODAY!!! Don’t worry back soon! X

And this on another post:
cgibson83Where you been greg? You get deported? :laughing:
stevemateoninstaWhen you coming back to Nova100 :cry::muscle::+1::ok_hand::raised_hands::pray:

No reply though. :joy:


Because those publications rely on revenue from the stations in the form of job ads. They have all turned the simple tenets of commercial news media into a huge conflict of interest, far too timid to cover what should be.

MediaSpy in contrast isn’t conflicted by this. Simply get on, publish what the news is and off it goes.

What Australian media needs are a few professionals to cobble together their reporting skills and not ask for revenue from the media companies they’re reporting on, stand on their own feet and churn out good media coverage.


A new Nova TV commercial launched tonight during MasterChef.

What. A. Mess.

It’s basically Fitzy and Wippa/ Kate, Tim and Marty very poorly edited into the promo from last year with Shawn Mendes and Sam Smith.

I can see what they were trying to do but the editing is awful.


How long has Nova Sydney branded as ninety six point nine. I thought it was always nine six nine.


Ages ago. At least five years.


It sounds awful and not at all cool. If Nova 100 changed to Nova 100 point 3 it’d sound shit.


It was debated 5 or 6 years ago. Even the announcers had trouble adjusting and kept slipping up for ages. We all got used to it.


Not to mention that every other Sydney FM commercial radio station with the exception of KIIS (and even then, they probably should use the point IMO) emphasises the “point” in the frequency of their station branding.


It really is terrible. And the way the presenters deliver the lines makes me think it’s an easy listening station…

It’s a bad ad all round


if all radio stations stayed true to the numbering system then AM would be.a mouthful saying one thousand two hundred and seventy eight (obvs 1278)

Nova 969, 1069, 100, 919 & 937 all sound better without decimals and branding-wise kinda works better as it’s more inclusive of other mediums like online and digital without the use of the decimal. the decimal-less branding is up there with the nova boy in terms of branding.

(also the decimals suggest it’s analogue and you know these people want the young buckos to tune in, even though kids listen to streaming services)


Brisbane always should be Nova 107.



Greg Burns still hasn’t returned though.


He must be back soon. They wouldn’t have made those if he’s gone.

Looking at that, it really is a formidable line up. If Kyle and Jackie ever finished up, I think Nova would be up there.


Any particular reason they look like a US Patriotic AM Talk radio station :thinking:


That gradient makes no bloody sense.

If it’s meant to be red on one side and blue on the other, then you don’t need a gradient. Poorly implemented graphic designs give me the shits.


I think this new music format (not saying it’s good) maybe a result of Nova realising that F&W, KTM and Chrissy Browny and Sam aren’t necessarily young shows anymore and playing repetitive fresh hits all day while keeping these, I won’t say ‘old’ but consistent shows is impractical, like the way they said ‘old faves’ in the ad. And when K&J do leave FM Radio, I don’t think Nova will be that strong as I’m sure Duncan will have someone to poach that consistently rates well.:wink:


It’s designed to look exactly like Capital because Paul Jackson doesn’t have any fresh ideas.