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I heard him during the week I think…


Was thinking they might have given Troy the role permanently and moved Greg to weekends.


Hearing Greg Burns this morning too, was not on during the week on Nova 96.9, was he on in Melbourne?
Considering how big the signing he was and if the case now only doing the weekends / floater!!

I am finding the Greatest Hit playlist which is now the general sound of the station is starting to get stale. Just to safe and boring. Need to get more music into the playlist and get some different throwbacks into the mix.
When I did their last music survey I said I was sick of 50% of the songs on the list.


I heard Troy in Melbourne on mornings this week


Totally agree. I’ve heard heard these a million times already:

  • Liam Payne - Strip That Down
  • Pink - Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
  • Maroon 5 - Move Like Jagger
  • DNCE - Cake by the Ocean
  • Bruno Mars - Finesse
  • Keala Settle - This is me

Since the switch, they’re almost on high rotation as much as the fresh hits. If this is the format now, then it’s going to be worse than what it was before.


I am pretty much over it, they just cannot get the playlist right. It is either a narrow playlist of new songs. Or reduce the new music and play songs that are past their use by date on high rotation. kiis / 2Day Fm imitation.
Only option is to go back to the original format when they sounded different. Dance / top 40 / RnB/ Alt / Rock Obviously they cannot do two ads in a row. Even if their playlist sounded like the regional hit stations that would be an improvement.


I agree they need to be different to KIIS and 2Day, not imitations.

That’s what I want to hear too.


Too many “greatest hits” keep getting repeated every day and more than once a day. You can add these to that list of too often repeated greatest hits:

  • Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams
  • Pink - What About Us
  • The Chainsmokers - Closer
  • Ed Sheeran - Sing


If you don’t like them JBar why do you listen to them?


Because I like the shows on Nova at Breakfast and Drive.

The rest of the time I’m flicking between Nova, KIIS, 2Day and The Edge to avoid the often repeated music. If I get really desperate JJJ, Smooth or WS.


Fair enough, so when changing stations, which station do you find your staying on the majority of the time during workday?


Whichever is playing new music.

It’s probably more KIIS and The Edge now rather than 2Day.

The incessant promos for Kyle and Jackie O make me reach for a switch from KIIS.
Too many urban/rap tracks make me go off The Edge.
Too many mouldy oldies make be switch off 2 Day.


Has anyone heard Greg Burns on this week?


Definitely not on in Sydney.


But been on the past two weekends? Surely he’s been removed?


Yeah I think he’s moved to weekends.


I guess shift him to weekends to honour existing contracts etc.


I’d say he’s off for ratings break. Probably doing weekends to save his leave? Or maybe they’re pre-recorded…


I hope they keep Troy in Melbourne doing live and local breaks.


But he just had four weeks leave during ratings.