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Yep, they used to be the line up in that order a few years ago before Jarrod and Cale swapped shifts and then Greg Burns took over.


Makes sense - making the jump from Coles Radio drive (yes, really)


One good thing is it is no longer as reputive as before, with high rotation songs now on 4 hour spins.


Yes but now the greatest hits will be repetitive.


Miriam is Rod Young’s daughter. Rod has been a long time Brisbane newsreader for the ABQ and BTQ weeknight bulletins. He’s currently reading their lead in bulletin on the Gold Coast. Both lovely people.

Miriam does the Coles digital radio drive shift. Miriam had been weekend and floater for Brisbane Nova.


It has been one week now since the Nova’s dropped fresh hits, for the classic hits work day, and non stop hits in all other times.
Personally I am enjoying the wider playlist and less repetition, but they need to throw in more new songs now to offset the older songs. Nova 96.9 sounds almost identical now to KIIS 106.5 with their playlists.
Nova Brisbane is sounding really good, and is playing the most rock songs that I have ever heard on the station. IMO it has gone more alternative in their playlist, they are trying to sound different for 97.3 and Hit 105. What does everyone think of the changes?


I pretty much agree. It’s great that they have less repetition but I think some of the throwback artists get played way too much. Particularly Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Pink, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift.

They need to cut back some of the songs in their top 10 that are 3 months or older. They need to play the new music more often. Some new tracks only get one spin a day.


I totally agree, still have these artists as their core artists, but really now they need to add some new music to their playlist.
The Edge 96.1 now seems to be breaking all the new music in Sydney.


They also don’t realise the benefit new songs and new artists have on their shows. When they play something new it sparks conversations on Fitzy & Wippa or Kate, Tim & Marty. They want to find out more about them or share info about them.

When they play the often repeated stuff, they’re more likely to be bagging the songs or the repetitiveness. I’ve noticed Fitzy has started saying “He/She/They have a huge future ahead of him/her/them”. It’s sound like a huge piss take for these often repeated oldies.


And right on cue, this morning’s throwbacks are predictably Pink and Beyonce/Destiny’s Child followed by a new Ed Sheeran. :roll_eyes:


And Pink featured again this morning in the throwback along with Adele again. I guess I have to add Adele to that list of overplayed throwbacks now.


I suspected Nova was trying to sound more like KIIS and this proves it.


And an Ed Sheeran throwback yet again this morning. :roll_eyes:

ETA: And the amount of times they’ve played Liam Payne’s Strip That Down (a song from last year) in the past two weeks is verging on the ridiculous.


Greg Burns has returned from holidays and is doing the morning shift this morning in Sydney and Melbourne.


What luck for the audience and clients.


I assume Lenno who is filling in for Fitzy and Wippa this week, is the same Lenno who replaced Josiah Shala on their show.


Am I imagining things or has Lenno been on and off-air at Nova (weekends/holidays etc) for a while? I feel like I remember hearing a ‘Lenno’ on the weekends a number of years ago


There’s a David Lennon who goes by Lenno. I assume he is the same one. He has been around Nova for a while doing various weekend, late night and full in shifts.



I’m having a complete mind blank.

Was Greg Burns on during the week? He was on last weekend and is on this morning but I just don’t remember hearing him during the week?