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Not to mention that most capital cities have Triple M Greatest Hits Digital available on DAB+.


What the actual shit is Nova’s strategy? They have an older skewing station in smooth, which last time I checked is doing awfully well against WS and 2DayFM with much less investment. Why risk cannibalising that audience?

Yes, the tight top 40 playlists need work, but is being an imitator what Paul Jackson et. al. think will work here?

Now this is a sensible move. Hopefully Brisbane and Melbourne are next. Wonder who takes the Late Night reigns now that Cale is back on Adelaide afternoons?


Not skewing any older then what they have done in the past two weeks. It is a new spin to their workday to say our playlist is now less repetitive.

Greatest Hit is not the best choice of positioner for a CHR, it is says old AC 2GO, KO Fm etc.

A better choice would be “Nova’s Feel Good Work Day” keeping with their Friday Feels positioning. But then that’s i98 positioner down in the Gong!!


It needs to be less repetitive all the time.


From looking at their weekend playlist on the online radio box. They have gone from 2 to 4 hour rotations on weekends. Equivalent to KIIS. However a lot of the more out there songs have been replaced with older Songs that would feature during the workday.

Nova 106.9’s playlist sounds more alternative then it has in recent times!!


Any idea who was on Nova 100 this morning then?


Troy Ellis dual programming across Nova 96.9 / 100


Which is the opposite of what we actually wanted. This explains why I suddenly heard too many old Pink and Macklemore songs yesterday and Liam Payne’s old song played way too many times yesterday and this morning. We don’t want new songs on high rotation replaced with old songs on high rotation.


Unfortunately Sydney and Melbourne are so competitive they are dictated by what 2Day and KIIS do now to save / claw back every last rating point.

They are just too scared to do what they do in Brisbane in the other states. It may result in a initial ratings drop but a longer term gain over time.

I wish Nova would have a decent Saturday night show. At present they just play the same hits over. KIIS, 2Day all have dedicated Saturday night party shows.
Capital did the same as what Nova currently do, but now do remixes Friday and Saturday night. Nova should do the same.


[quote=“Ant5476, post:722, topic:79”]
They are just too scared to do what they do in Brisbane in the other states. [/quote]

We need a point of difference like that.

I don’t like remixes and flick stations when I hear them.


Just FYI, Burnsy is only on Syd and Mel now, Katie Matten is back in Bris.


Who is doing afternoons in Brisbane now? Tim Wong-See is now working at ABC Gold Coast


Media Week:

Nova 106.9 presenter Katie Mattin will move back to mornings from Monday as Greg Burns returns to covering Sydney and Melbourne, reports News Corp’s Kristy Symonds. Last year Burns’s show expanded to more cities on Nova’s network, including the 9am-1pm weekday slot in Brisbane, with Mattin moving to 1pm-4pm. The search is now on for a new afternoon jock, and while Nova 106.9 has cast the net Australia-wide, the slot will remain local and be produced out of Brisbane.


If Greg has moved to Melbourne he should just be on 100. Local in Sydney, local host in Melbourne for arvo’s too. Back to how it should be.


Indeed. The experiment has failed.

I bet there will be more pain ahead for Nova as it moves to “Sounds Same” as KIIS and 2Day.


What decade is it? Paul is mining ideas from the 80/90’s Australian radio. Dust off the ‘At work network’ rubbish line too?

Were these the pre Burns/Mattin line up for Adelaide?

Who? Tim Wong See is getting a lot of work out of the ABC, those who are familiar with the process to replace Tim are aware that his Bris GM did not make an effort to retain him, in a nutshell, a ‘not you, it’s us’ reason.

Correct. Paul, Cath and Lachie have ‘devolved’ Nova from an innovator with Paul Thompson’s vision to a sad imitator. Austereo have often played the imitator however their difference has been to outdo what version a competitor is doing.

Correct in radio theory, we know this, but is the Nova audience aware? Likely not.

Feel good also used for a long time by 973, long after the rest of the network moved on.

So not a total admission that it’s a huge blunder networking between the two largest markets where potential profits are higher.

This is why you program stations for each market. Separate market, separate research, MD, PD and separate on air talent.

In the era of vision for Nova, Paul Thompson’s time, Sydney began with 12 hours of dance music on Saturday nights, they were straight shifts on Friday night, perhaps dayparted music to suit late night Friday, no on air element was made of it.

Nova should investigate what the gap is in 2018 and do a full effort filling it. If people have a good experience on the weekend sampling, they’ll try weekdays.

Thanks @tvhead for getting to the source.

More inaccuracies from News Ltd or Media Week, it has not remained local, Mattin was doing a national show. Lucky she had her GM/husband/boyfriend save her.

Perhaps Paul will move him to breakfast to flank Christian down the track :crazy_face:

As we knew it would.

Smooth would do better if it had local talent and opened up personality on it. 4BH wandered in the wilderness for years before Geoff Harrison and David McDonald took the reins and let the announcers open up the breaks, take callers, provide the immediacy for local info that radio does well.


I’d say Greg is taking his usual June holidays in prep for Winter Breakfast in Sydney and Melbourne.

#731 Radio Today with its Article

#732 Looks like Brisbane have a new local afternoons presenter fill in or full time as Radio Today says Cale is doing arvo’s from Adelaide in Brisbane ?


According to Cale’s Instagram Story, he’s in Perth at the moment.