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I know this is an unfortunate situation for Sarah and everyone involved, but when the opportunity arises to have a well known figure and experienced broadcaster in Kate Ritchie join your program, how can you say no? Sarah is just collateral damage, sadly.


You keep talking up Kate but she still laks confidence on air and constantly relies on others to help her out. She even blatantly tells her new co-hosts that she needs their help trying to get her point across.

It’s no secret that neither of them wanted Kate to replace Sarah. Fitzy and Wippa might have tried to fight for Sarah but eventually they would have realised that they were contractually obliged to be on Breakfast with or without Sarah. If they tried to walk out then they would have breached their contract.

Kate might have wanted to make the move to Breakfast but I can only imagine that it would have to feel awkward knowing that Fitzy and Wippa didn’t want her.


Generally speaking I’m a Kate Richie fan however what I have heard of her on radio, she’s not that great. Seems to be always the whiny one in the back corner contributing to ‘games’ as needed and sounding like she really doesn’t want to be there.


It feels like she’s been made to pay or play, fulfil her contract and come back to work.


I’d have to agree. Kate’s transition from TV to radio hasn’t been the best. She’s good as a guest, but not as the star.