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Maybe they can return to putting their finger on the pulse of what is cool, fresh and edgy. Right now, they seem to only a new track after it hits number one in Australia or the UK or KIIS plays it. They’re just not on trend any more.

Recently, they made a massive big deal of the Lady Gaga single from the Top Gun soundtrack and it turned out to be a flop. Meanwhile, they missed the new OneRepublc track from the soundtrack which deserved to be on the playlist immediately because it was so much better. They’ve only started playing it this week after it went top 10 in Australia.

They also made a big deal of the new Beyonce track when it was released which is also a bit of a flop since it limped up the chart and only teached the top 10 this week. They totally missed the Joji phenomenon until he hit number one in Australia. They also only started playing Jack Harlow after he fell from the number one spot on the chart. Today was the “first play” for LF System after it went to number one in the UK last week. They also only played Astronaut in the Ocean by Aussie artist Masked Wolf late night, even though that track had worldwide success.

They still havent played chart topper Peru by Freddy DML & Ed Sheeren. Do they have a problem with World artists? They also missed Drive by Clean Bandit, Topic and Wes Nelson. Perfect dance pop music for Nova and the first two of those artists are played by Nova heaps. Did they have a problem with the other singer Wes, being a former reality star? They play Joel Corry so same same.

There are also heaps of good new Aussie songs that get played after 10pm but dont get a run during the day. They played one Shouse track endlessly Love Tonight but their other decent track Won’t Forget You is only played late night. It’s a disgrace.

Instead we get stuff like Waterfalls by TLC and Where is the Love by Black Eyed Peas almost every day. :face_vomiting:


I hope they bring back local daytime announcers for Adelaide, it makes a huge difference when the audience can’t make a connection with the people they hear on air.


PJ has done a fantastic job at NOVA Entertainment so it will be a big loss for Australian radio.

He did a great job with Smooth FM, Coles radio, the streaming stations and has improved Nova’s ratings as they were in decline around 2008- 2010 in Sydney and Melbourne. The music on Nova has changed dramatically as they have gone for a different audience than when the original Nova launched. I listen to Smooth FM more than Nova these days but Nova 10s, Noughties and Throwbacks are good to listen at work or on the Radio app.

A new abomination on Nova this morning. They have done a Nova Remix of First Class by Jack Harlow. They replace First Class in the chorus with Nova. So you don’t even hear the title of the song in the song. :roll_eyes: What’s worse, they sing it as Nover rather than Nova. A classic error when Australians try to do an American accent and do it badly, where they will pronounce an r at the end of words when there is no r .actually there. :face_vomiting: And N-O-V-A-N-O-V-A replaces G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S

And that song is on the way down so now they suddenly play it on high rotation. Crazy. Seriously, they have lost the plot.


Why would anyone want to hear songs with the stations name in it? Insanity.


that song wasn’t even good to begin with - trust Nova to make it worse! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can you stream in your car? Apple CarPlay?

Sounds like Capital FM London is pretty much what you’re asking for.


I don’t just listen to radio for the music but it’s an important part of it. I don’t see the point of listening to London radio when I live in Sydney. I want to hear about what’s happening in this city and Australia. The chat, news, entertainment, traffic, weather is the stuff which makes me want to listen to radio and not just stream music.

Basically, I think Nova has the best shows and presenters but the playlist is the big problem. The news breaks are also not as good as they used to be or as good as the competition. They rush through a lot of important news and put in fluff about Kardashians or entertainment scandals in their bulletins which does them no favours.


Has he really???
I personally don’t think so. Nova was so cutting edge and the cool station before his reign. He tried to copy Capital fm, and then Heart with little success. Programming was so all over the place. For two surveys they were after a younger audience and then flip older for the next couple of surveys, and then go younger for the final surveys. There was just no consistency. Meanwhile Kiis continued to erode the younger audience away from Nova in Sydney.

Dual programming came in under PJ’s rule and the loss of talented local dj’s. and Greg Burns was going to be the next messiah!!!

Competition’s and promotions KIIS continue to smash Nova in Sydney. The music is better programmed, and on Friday’s and Saturday nights they play dance music, Nova’s old domain. KIIS sounds edgy, Nova just sounds very conservative and boring.

Nova does rate in Perth and Brisbane, and now in Adelaide where there is lesser competition, but in ultra competitive markets such as Sydney and Melbourne it gets shown up.

Hopefully the new network head can return it back to more of its original sound, at least in Sydney and Melbourne were it needs to sound different to stand out from the rest of the pack.
That is the only way it has a chance of competing with KIIS 106.5.


It is so wanky and an instant channel changer for me.


I do, I love BBC Radio 1, the music, the presenters, and they have a great news service too. Often Australian news stories make it into their bulletins.


I miss Annie Mac, loved Friday’s Dance Party


Sure, the sound is different but it’s actually rating higher in Sydney and Melbourne now, than when he took over in 2011. Fitzy and Wippa for breakfast have helped Nova 96.9 stay strong in a very competitive market and Nova 100 is doing well too.

KIIS is dominant in Sydney but in Melbourne Nova consistently rates higher than KIIS 101.1.

Also, don’t forget how bad Vega and Classic Rock was before Smooth FM launched. Smooth FM was a game changer for Sydney and Melbourne.

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Re Nova Sydney, yes the cumulative figures have increased, but the share has not budged 6-7. There was the occasional 8 share but this was at their peak when Marty was on KTM. Since he left Nova, W&W and KIIS have been more dominate in drive, and Nova 969 has been stuck in 6-7 share at best.

Re Nova 100 they have had at times the #1 fm breakfast show, but as soon as the breakfast show finishes the audience is gone. Music issues, and interstate dj’s being piped into Melbourne from Sydney.

Smooth was a format copied from the UK which found success in Sydney and Melbourne, but they messed with it’s winning format, and the ratings have suffered.

Re their digital offerings, Novanation was so good for it’s time, and they should have kept it on one of their dab+ channels. Cole Radio is just a money making machine.
Koffee was also a great station replaced with a station playing throwbacks currently heard on their fm offerings.

I read on RT they are currently not replacing PJ, instead their current programming team will now report to the CEO. Will this put them at a further disadvantage compared to ARN and SCA not having a CD director, or is the CEO taking on this role for now?


I see it as an advantage. Maybe more power to local CDs?


And the end of one playlist fits all markets.


Restore Nova106.9 back to how it was about 5yrs ago.


We will have the same in Sydney too please.


Have they really? Smooth 95.3 is rating a 10 which is a huge number considering how competitive the market is. If anything, they have gone up, not down. Smooth in Melbourne is also in the 8s and 9s, and they are at or near the top. They have moved Smooth younger but still have largely the same announcers as they did 10 years ago. The music will always change over time - that’s the nature of commercial radio and they have to respond to the changing market conditions as well as audience/demographics.

Novanation had about 50 listeners and Coles radio is a juggernaut - hugely successful. Ditto Smooth Relax and the other Smooth/Nova DAB+ offerings.