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Nine ran a trial on 4K and it didn’t work.

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Sam Smith makes me miss the great John Barrett, no idea why he never came back, used to be one of the main callers and for Seven’s own coverage too, around late 90s and throughout the 2000s. Usually for ‘lesser matches’ where Sandy, Bruce and JA would do the bigger or prime time ones.

Wasn’t that a government 4k trial? channel Nine just provided the loop I think?

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JA is doing the Stan Sport feed and world feed coverage

John Alexander

Yep, been good to have him back (since the 2010 Final), since leaving for politics and getting back into the tennis media game.

Some trivia: Watched a classic match some time ago from 16 years ago at the '07 Open and I actually can remember it, the Federer v Roddick prime time Semi on RLA, where him and Jim Courier were clearly not getting along, disagreeing in almost every call during the first set and you could cut the tension with a knife… JA was swapped for Todd Woodbridge after the ad break! Awks. Lots of YouTube comments underneath on it. Although Alexander did actually return later in the last set. :grimacing:

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From what I can gather he retired from the BBC’s Wimbledon coverage in 2006 aged 75 and did one more AO with them and Seven. So sounds like his choice to hang up the microphone.

If you don’t know who JA is you probably don’t have a great desire to talk about Australian tennis. He’s earnt the right to be known by his nickname in Australian sport’s Pantheon along with AB, Cathy, The Don, EJ, Newk, The Shark, Yvonne, and the Lithgow Flash.

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I thought he did a few more years, but could be wrong, definitely a legend by then. Think he’s still alive too! I remember also from the 2007 Aus Open when Barrett called out on-air someone in Serena Williams’ player-box for intentionally deflecting the sunlight off his wrist watch into her opponents eyes when serving. It was brought up in the post press conference and she laughed it off.

When did Eurosport take over their rights?

I was going to say similar, but didn’t want to sound mean haha.

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Who is that?

Teddy Whitten, ‘Mr Football’ (Aussie Rules). EJ Whitten is his actual name, he has such landmarks as the EJ Whitten Bridge on Melbourne’s Western Ring Road freeway named in his honour. He passed away from cancer in 1995, just months after receiving a motorcade lap of honour at the MCG - virtually blind by then, with his son, famously. There was not a dry eye in the house.

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OK. Heard of him but don’t know him well enough to know EJ was him.

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