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The Sunday game into Perth is probably not live?


9HD logo in a promo that is not red. Haven’t seen that ever.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the Nine HD logo in blue and purple (at least) in various promos before.


It will be live on 9Gem in Perth from 11am AWST, according to online guides.

Looks like Super Netball is following the AFL by scheduling two matches overlapping each other. Apart from Round 1, overlapping matches will also be held on Round 4 (Sunday) and Round 7 (Sunday). Why don’t they just schedule twilight matches every week?


Most sports promos have the Nine HD logo in blue.

NRL promo:


They only use the maroon version of the Nine logo for the State Of Origin promos up there in QLD?

Even promos for Broncos games would still use the blue logo?


It was revealed on April 20 that the 2019 Santos Tour Down Under would be held on from January 10 to 20, with the women’s event on January 10-13, the People’s Classic on January 13 and the men’s event on January 15-20. Since Nine will have no cricket in January for the first time in 40 years, Tour Down Under should be shown on the main channel on all six days, unless Seven on-sells the rights to Australian Open to Nine because it clashes with the test match against Sri Lanka in Brisbane at the end of the month.


Suncorp Super Netball coverage for Round 2




Today’s Australian Financial Review has a detailed article on how Nine snatched the Tennis Australia rights deal from Seven. It’s still hard to believe how Nine managed to end Seven’s long-term relationship with a major sport on two occasions in the past 20 years - first with the AFL in 2000 and now tennis.


I’m tipping they might go after this again next, possibly CBS backed Ten too. You heard it here first.


Of course Nine/Ten will bid on one of Australia’s biggest sports. Why wouldn’t they? I’m not sure why this would be ground breaking…

The current broadcast deal is less than a third of the way through, such commentary and analysis is pointless and distracting at this point in time. Ta.


Blind Freddy agrees. Nine and Ten will definitely be in the mix come next AFL rights. Would almost guarantee Ten pickup at least 1 or 2 games, Nine could even strip Seven of all their matches and we go back to the 2002-2006 era.

Also don’t be surprised if Seven try to bid for the NRL rights too. It’s all up for grabs now, there’s no loyalty in sport broadcast partners anymore after the events of the past month.


Not really - they offered more cash, it’s as simple as that


It’s not. But I mean a bid where Nine may be prepared to forgo NRL in favour of AFL.

Given the recent sport shake-ups, what Johnson mentioned above and what network execs are saying about “value” and “commercial opportunities”.

But Seven may then get NRL.

Lots of permutations I expect to play out in a few years with next round of AFL / NRL rights, now that networks are braking long standing relationships and loyalties, in favour of better ratings and value for money.

Just a note as to why I suggest Nine (and/or Ten via CBS) may go all out for AFL, as this sites daily ratings show, it has the potential to win a main channel and/or network every Friday and Saturday for 6 months, as well as the further commercial opportunity (ad break after each goal “biggest ad spot on television”).

There’s no doubt NRL will get you good ratings and sponsors in Sydney and Brisbane, but not 5 city, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

3 markets, particularly Perth, that Nine (especially Hugh Marks) have made it clear they are working on hard.

Am I incorrect in any of the above?


Yep, this is what I was getting at.


Yeah that’s all well and good but the point remains, rights aren’t up for four more years.


Although I agree that Nine picking up the AFL and Seven getting the NRL is a possibility when the broadcast contracts come up for renewal, at the same time you can’t compare that to the tennis & cricket. Both Summer sports have a national appeal. The mainstream popularity of the AFL and NRL depends quite a lot on where you live!

But since the broadcasting rights for Australia’s two biggest football codes aren’t up for renewal until 2022, lets wait a couple more years before getting into serious discussions about those, shall we?


But given NRL and Afl are much much bigger, maybe the media compaines need that time to do all their strategising, planning, etc?


That hasn’t really got anything to do with what we’re talking about.

AFL/NRL ensures big, big bucks coming in to networks over at least 6 months every year, plus extra.