Nine On-Air Presentation


Carols By Candlelight Pop Up:



Hoping we see something fresh from Nine in 2019. The gloss colour package will be 6 years old in a few months time.


Nine used a WWOS logo for sports events like Hopman Cup, Brisbane International, and for other Tennis Tournaments. I hope this WWOS logo will be used for the NRL, State of Origin and the mid-year cricket. Paul Pittioni currently does the voiceover for WWOS sponsor billboards.


That’s interesting, in the past couple of years they’ve just used generic sponsor billboards for sport with the regular Nine logo. Beforehand they had special WWOS sponsor billboards, this is sort of in the middle.

I have no idea how I know this useless stuff :laughing:


I think the addition of the WWOS logo to the Sponsor Billboard looks tacky. Maybe if they properly alligned it with the box, I’d have a more positive opinion of it.

Aside from that, would I be right by guessing that Nine’s current On-Air Presentation (albeit with the Nine HD logo phased out, if some of the “Coming in 2019” program promos I’ve seen are anything to go by) will likely continue into the New Year?


I was going to put that in my original post but forgot, it looks like it’s just been slapped on. Reminds me of something done by WIN.

It’s been around for about three years now (I consider this package as a separate one, not just an evolution of 2012-2015) but I think it’s aged quite well and still looks good. It would be nice to see a change soon however, would love to see something new.

Unfortunately no ‘We Are The One’ idents either this year, it debuted on Christmas Eve last year.


#bringbackidents #identsarelife #boycottnine


Yep, I agree with all this. It’d be great to see a new package soon but if Nine feels that the move to North Sydney would be the perfect time to do their next major evolution of the network brand, I’m cool with that.

Those weren’t too bad, but still couldn’t quite hold a candle to the brilliantly produced Nine Network annual launch promos of yesteryear IMO.


Solid humour!

It’s a bit of a shame that they aren’t as common anymore as some in the past were good, and it can balance out constant promos for rubbish shows. Ten have done it quite well with their new package though.

I acknowledge that 99% of viewers couldn’t care less!



Seven and 10 use sport stylised billboards, but they’re usually themed (which the former has done for a long time).


That listing of the multichannel logos frustrates my OCD…

Should be 9Gem; 9Go!; 9Life; with 9Now on the end


Agree, very messy placement.


I heard the 9Go! (?) V/O do a sport/tennis billbaord just before…


I believe that 9Go! coverage might be Paul pittioni, although I wasn’t warching basketball on tv.
The one that I screenshot was From Channel 9.


No, it was a hopman cup billboard just with another V/O, the young sounding guy who does 9Go and Hungry Jacks


‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ Movie Tie-in Ident:


New Years IDs:


It sounds like they’ve awkwardly edited Scott Cam to say “Straya”… Is “Happy New Year Australia” not on brand or something?