Nine On-Air Presentation


Green WWOS Sponsor Billboard:


That colour and design is so hideous, I can’t wait for them to update their on-air look.


Can’t believe that this look is already 3 years old.
Should probably expect a relaunch at some point this year then.
Australian Open perhaps?

The look has aged well but the 3d logo is way outdated and been used since 2012.
Time to go flat (or at least remove the gloss)


While I agree that Nine’s could do with a major refresh soon, I daresay the most notable change to the On-Air Presentation this year will probably be phasing out of the Nine HD logo (except the watermark additions on LCN-90) in favour of just having the standard Channel Nine logo on everything again - a fair few of the “Australian Open and beyond” program promos have hinted at that.

Except for this year’s fast tracked relaunch of Today due to their almost entirely new presenting team, I’m willing to predict that the next major evolution of the network brand (where just about everything changes) will happen in 2020 with the big move to North Sydney.


I must be in the minority as I think that the current look has aged well and still looks quite good. Now three years old with the colour/ribbon concept approaching seven years old.


Agreed. I think it still looks great!


A blue WWOS sponsor has been unveiled for the australian open


Kinda bugs me that the WWOS logo isn’t lined up with the ‘telecast sponsor’ tag.


Neither is the normal Nine logo for standard sponsor cards…


Nine Melbourne just aired a promo with tag line “We are the one” featuring upcoming shows and news.


We Are The One promo here in Port Mac complete with Overton again. They really don’t like our local news guys here it seems. :flushed:


Married At First Sight pop up promos during the tennis.


I don’t know if this goes here but it isn’t the first time that Nine displayed the song used in this promo as i far as i can remember at or before 2016.



“NBC Presents” ident just aired at the beginning of New Amsterdam.


Yep. Has aired on most NBC shows since the new year in October 2018.

All the Chicago shows have it too.


As well as Brooklyn Nine-Nine on SBS Viceland.


Promo - “Australia’s greatest Television”


Nine are a bit over due for a relaunch at least a tweak!


I guess it’s a pretty low benchmark these days :smirk: