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Has anyone got a copy of this? Yet to see it on TV today.

Hadn’t seen it yet in Perth, maybe this is a good thing! :smiley:

Neither in Adelaide… Been watching all night

Hopefully viewers in WIN-land aren’t subjected to them like we were with the Christmas idents (but no doubt we will)! Terrible festive and New Years presentation from Nine this year as has been mentioned extensively of late.

They’re not playing it much on-air. Too embarrassed? haha

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What bug and/or watermark, are WIN viewers seeing on 9HD during the test cricket?

On WIN they just have the usual WWOS cover-up with the ‘Live’ underneath it (the ‘live’ text part of it is from Nine themselves and not added by WIN).

Edit: Goes without saying, but remember 9HD doesn’t exist in WIN or NBN land. So nothing has changed at all in this regard.

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Yes, that “Happy New Year” variation on “Elf Yourself” is a shocker.

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Here is some caps of a 2016 popup promo for those who haven’t seen it yet.

One more…


The good news is that in a few days we will never see that disgusting new year ident again.


Unless they choose to run it again next year. :laughing:

One would sincerely hope they don’t. I know they wouldn’t be, but if I were them I’d be totally embarrassed that they even went to air in the first place (this applies to the Christmas versions too). Tacky to say the least really.

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They obviously disagree with you since they rolled out the NY version too. Next, Nine personality heads on dancing elves in bikinis and speedos at the beach for Australia Day. :wink:

Obviously they did, JBar. :wink:

Now, I admit that WIN’s festive presentation was nothing to write home about again last year, but compared to Nine’s poor efforts, WIN’s looked first-rate (can’t believe I’m saying this as I’m certainly no fan of WIN) which is a sad reflection that a regional can outdo them (granted, most of their time/energy was probably on 9HD/9Life to make too much fuss, but that’s no excuse IMO).

The Christmas/New Year IDs clearly had to be an in-house effort, because I don’t think an external design company (who the networks pay for their work) could screw up that badly.

I know they would’ve been busily working on refreshing the entire network during the later half of 2015, but surely Nine could’ve got DD8 to produce some Christmas/New Year IDs that didn’t look like something produced from a $1.99 smartphone app?

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I for one dislike the new network graphics package.

It’s just too much. They’ve also tried to shorten and stylise everything.

I reckon them (as opposed to Seven & Ten), are going to cop a lot of ACMA viewer complaints, about the classification boards no longer in use?

I don’t think anybody ever complained about NOT having those classification boards. They have always annoyed me.

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