Nine On-Air Presentation



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Geez mate it is still only November! Heaps of time! :wink::joy:




I know right! Omg I’m pretty ashamed :pensive:

Btw, coincidental, just watched the two-part ‘Hollywood’ ep on 7flix (S4 premiere), some of Kramer’s best and some bloody great lines between Jerry and George along the way. Also a very rare no Elaine appearance at all. Aged well, we’ll never seen anything that matches Seinfeld again IMO.


Is this a new style of pop-up?


Don’t think so

More like hasn’t been in use for x amount of time iirc


Saturday night Brisbane


Christmas Ident:


It’s OK I guess. Better than the absolutely disasterous “Dancing Bauble Man” and “Elf Yourself” Idents of recent festive seasons anyway…


I don’t mind that, reminds me slightly of something from the 2002-2006 look. I do kind of miss the idents with personalities saying ‘Merry Christmas’ though, quite simple but something i’ve always liked. That end screen looks similar to the one from last year’s ‘We Are The One’ ident/promo.
I commend Nine for putting in more effort than other networks though.


Anyone got a clip of Nine Perth “Christmas” Ident 2018?


Another version with different music:




Deja vu I feel


Certainly not a bad thing. We all know how good that package was :stuck_out_tongue:



10 Second version of the Network ID:


“Magnificent Seven” (2016) FTA premiere promo


Saw some CLG Wiki users recently discussing about the “ElfYourself” idents from 2015…'ve+ever+seen