Nine On-Air Presentation


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The colour reminds me of the matching “fuschia” outfits of Kat Stewart and Peter Helliar at the 2017 Logies.



Saw a promo for Family Food Fight this afternoon which had a different style of presentation that looked really good. Has anyone else seen it?


yep, has a circular/cylinder thingy that’s not a part of 9Now’s graphic package


Yes and I’ve got a video of the promo if you and/or anyone is interested.


Not a bad promo, reminds me of MasterChef with the cloches though.


If you like you logos with a dash of fireworks


Looks like something they’d run on new year’s eve.


What’s with the fireworks?


As seen at the end of Riverfire coverage.


Nine Sponsor Billboard. Even though the coverage was on Gem in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia, they still have the 9HD logo on it.
In Metropolitan Areas, they have Paul Pittioni doing sponsor voiceovers. But what about areas that have Southern Cross Austereo? Did SCA9 have Paul Pittioni or the Southern Cross V/o guy?


Probably why Seven have always done a generic “AFL” themed sponsor board, with no “7” or “7mate”, avoids this problem.


It was this endboard that I noticed on the promo.

Really like the way they’ve got the soon, and the large Nine logo inside the curved white rectangle




I like those promo/logo backgrounds!


The graphics look alright, but that promotional statement…

“The greatest television in Australia”

Really Nine? It’s not you, but us viewers who will be the judgement of whether that is true or not!


The only thing I like about that promo is that the “still to come” at the end sounds a lot like “still the one” (which is definitely deliberate).


Aussie TV is in a pitiful state if that is the case if it includes a US Sci-Fi Drama, 2 US sitcoms and another cooking reality show.


Great promo, great transitions. But those shows aren’t going to cut it, Q4 will most likely be Seven’s again with Good Doctor (Nine trying that on too, with “Manifest” now the No. 1 show ahead of GD)