Nine On-Air Presentation


Well this is what is on Nine Melbourne tonight…


Is that a new set? Looks very fresh. Or is it the 9News Melbourne set and they have put set pieces over the panels and extra bits on the back LED screen?


It looks like the Weekend Today set but It may be a new one?


Isn’t weekend Today done from the Today Extra studio? This would be out of Melbourne I’d say…


Yes i know that but thats what it looks like to me, It doesn’t look like the main Melbourne set.


It’s Crocmedia’s own studio they use for all their productions -


Loving that tie Sully - just letting it fly free :slight_smile:


I am really Tom Hanks, I’ll confess!

But man, that sure is suave lookin :ok_hand:


Does Nine still do lineups? I don’t watch much FTA but I feel like I haven’t seen one for a long time.


They haven’t done any since around late December.


Wow, where the fuck have I been?

Do they still air on the multi’s?


Same for the multi-channels as well…


I thought Nine stopped airing Lineups around the time the “Dancing Bauble Man” Idents were dusted off for last year’s festive season.


I hadn’t even noticed until this discussion. Must’ve got confused by Zampakid uploading Prime ones which are still doing them.


I saw one on Imparja the other night so I figured Nine would still be doing them.


It was around a week before Christmas that they stopped airing Lineups, which at first thought they were planning on re-launching their On-Air Presentation graphics after Christmas…which they didn’t.


Wow that’s a shame.
I too, didn’t even notice they were gone.

I miss the professionalism of the television stations… Back when they aired “X Night at the movies”, special presentations and now even line-ups :stuck_out_tongue:


Goes to show how effective they really are then.


In an age with so many guides freely available (EPG on the TV, online, print and even provided by Cynic right here on MS), plus endless promos and PRGs… Probably adds little these days?

I also might be in a minority, but I always found them hard to follow for the very short length of time, with multiple lines of writing for usually 3 programs, by the time you’ve read the first program, the line-up was finished! I do however like how Ten/ONE/Eleven still do theirs now, showing a seperate program per a transition.


I’ve just been watching CBS4 Denver (KCNC) and they had their tonight lineup presented by a sponsor that ran into their local news.