Nine On-Air Presentation


Full screen logo to end NRL promo

Tongue-in-cheek mocks

Seven have done that with their AFL since 2017, ending with a whopper of a size “7HD”.
With Matt Wills V/O “…Friday on 7 and 7HD” ridiculously autotuned booming tone.

Not sure it’s really needed though.


Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers sponsorship elements


A random (and probably pointless) comparison video of a Twister promo:



Wow, that’s really bad :flushed:


Just as bad as Nine’s AFL promo in 2001 after it secured the AFL TV rights for 2002-2006.


I don’t think we really need that comparison?

Have to start somewhere and it’s more of a teaser/ident. I don’t mind it, does what it’s intended.

Great capture, interesting.

With market splits in these situations, Nine seem to just change the V/O and end tag. Seven seem to just change the graphics and end tag. Though with both not always.

Not at all, that’s what makes users and MS great, individual taste. Can’t be worse than some of my ‘random and seemingly pointless’ comments, albeit with good (archival/of interest) intentions when it comes to caps.


When a movie is shown in the main channel in some markets, and on a multichannel in others (and at the same time, of course), do they tend to play out in sync?


No, not remotely.


Looks and sounds like a promo for 9Go


Cut out the first 25 seconds out of the promo and it would be alright


In Melbourne near the end of the movie “Twister” (1996) last night, the credits started but after the director’s credit a split screen briefly popped up with a short promo for the succeeding movie “Dante’s Peak” (1997), before disappearing and credits continuing. Reminds me of what Ten did it similar years ago.

Hadn’t seen that and I like it, better than blocking all the credits with a split screen that goes for the duration or removing the credits altogether (wink wink at another network).

Maybe @Zampakid or someone has an example.



Geez that’s a horrible ECP


What does that mean, sorry?


End Credit Promotion


Yeah, it was legit only 5sec during middle of the credits, Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton’s names, a quick voice over with a generic “…in the hit thrillride” (that’s not what was said, but you know what I mean) and like two shots from the film (their shocked faces while driving away and lava from the volcano).


Apollo 13 (network premiere) stylised promo

No “Tango & Cash” promo was made, the movie that followed.


Promotional fail in Sydney during tonight’s 6pm news:

Yes, the “Tonight” version of a promo for Friday night’s Storm vs Rabbitohs NRL Finals match aired four nights too early. Anyone expecting a football game at 7pm would’ve seen ACA instead! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: