Nine On-Air Presentation



Not a fan of that at all.


That Channel 9 caps are too big for me to watch and it really distracts me from watching these promos


I think it might have worked if the logo was in a more realistic size. This one just looks ridiculous and bizarre.

Instead of a Bunnings Warehouse-sized Nine logo, they maybe should’ve gone with a large SUV sized Nine.


The glossiness hurts my eyes :confused:


Buying Blind theme sponsor board


I thought that was a mock!


Pop up for Ninja Warrior At Sunday 7PM


The Block Coming soon to Nine!


The Channel 9 watermark has disappeared for a few seconds when the Britain’s Got talent promos popped up.


Use of a 2D logo - so thought it was worth sharing


Darwin Community Notice Board, found on Facebook:

The previous graphics were like this:


Is that some sort of requirement done by ACMA for ‘local content’?


Something for our Ninja Warrior fans in Perth/WA. There was also a similar one for The Voice before but that was held at Lakeside Joondalup.


Nine On-air presentation for The Block. How intrusive is this?
Ninja warrior Mt Midoriyama pop-up


Gee, I didn’t know A-380’s existed in 1997?


I guess the graphics department must be dreamin’ :joy:



@Zampakid IMO Nine’s movie bumpers are possibly the worst part of their presentation. So archaic now. Most networks don’t use them these days, I feel adds more to clutter and makes ads more obvious. Don’t know what others think or if anyone else really cares?

I’ve noticed the odd film in recent times where Nine haven’t bothered with any, usually a network premiere.


TBH, I don’t really care whether Nine (or other TV networks for that matter) use breakbumpers for their movies or not.