Nine On-Air Presentation


Uh, ok but this one (STW9) has the logo red so maybe the picture above might be for regional markets (I know that zam does regional TV too).


I can’t believe we’re debating the colour of Nine’s logo in their On-Air Presentation.

Whichever colour Nine picks largely depends on the mood of the program being promoted, although blue & red are probably the most commonly used for more generic promos.


Nine showed a new Super Sunday promo tonight during The Voice, promoting big events on the next few Sundays, including The Voice grand final next week, State of Origin game two (June 24), Logie Awards (July 1) and Australian Ninja Warrior.


Maybe Ninja Warrior will start airing on the 8/7/18?


Now where have I heard that before :thinking:


It’s a good sweeper CSA. V/O by Steve Britten, well known voice to the Perth audience.

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You mean Steve Britten? Steve Britten is the main voiceover for Channel 9.


A Red Channel Nine covering the 9Now watermark? Can the 9Now watermark match the red Nine logo?


The 9 Now is the watermark and is over the top of the red 9 logo that serves as the production ender and copyright notice for the program.


This was the last weather outlook on Nine during GMA which was axed a day ago.


Ten used Super Sunday a few times last year.


I know, I was joking.

No one seems to get my jokes around here :’(


It’s okay, at least you tried


What reason given?


As mentioned on this.


An ident featuring a recap of the 60th TV Week Logie Awards on Nine


A 60 Mins after Ninja Warrior Pop Up on the screen (streamed via 9Now)


I just saw a promo which had Hamish and Andy standing right next to a giant, 3D Channel Nine logo. It was very reminiscent of the 2002-2006 Channel Nine on-air package! :open_mouth:


whos got caps?!


I don’t, unfortunately. :frowning: