Nine On-Air Presentation


At least the 10 idents are slightly engaging as seem to show some effort by the design team. The Nine ones look cheap.


Nine having a 2D logo is part of the problem. Ten’s numerical 10 shows depth and looks in-place, Nine’s just look plastered on.

Did Seven used to do movie idents back in the mid-2000s, or am I just imagining it? I remember some kinds of Seven promos where they used an actual 3D version of their logo.


Nine’s logo is rendered in 3D.

The problem is that a lot of their more recent Movie Tie-In Idents have used a logo animation/rendering that is only really intended to be used on things like Promo Endtags rather than look convincingly inserted in the background of movie scenes. Here are a couple of the better “3D logo inserted in” Idents from Nine:

A bit old and not a Movie Tie-In, but another good example in any case:

You’re not just imagining it. Seven have done quite a lot Movie Tie-In Idents for well over a decade, especially with their “TV man” character.


Ten have also previously done tie-ins using the circular logo. 2009:


I always thought the current Nine logo looked 2D but with a glossy effect.

That Melbourne “Welcome Home” ident is really what they need to do with the logo in movie tie-ins.


Recent 9 Brisbane Love This City ident


Maroon logos


Saw a couple of promos for The Voice and one long one showing current shows like TBYG, Big Bang, etc. I hope they air significant promos for Ninja, Cricket, Block, FFF, at least during some of SOO series. Wasted opperunity otherwise.

IMO don’t just focus on your current shows, most of which aren’t rating that great anyway.


Why are they using film, Ocean 8 as sponsor for Origin series?


Oh I don’t know, maybe because the distributers of the movie are paying Nine a lot of money to have their ads/trailers shown during State Of Origin?


Ooo, bit snappy there.


Why shouldn’t they?


It’s not uncommon for a movie to sponsor State of Origin. If I remember correctly last year’s series was also sponsored by a movie (can’t remember the name).


Nine Perth (STW9) has aired its Whatsyourbagplan? PSA following bans of lightweight plastic bags from July 2018 in WA.


Something that GTV never airs. Wonder if Southern Cross Nine aired any PSA’s recently.


Australia’s Greatest TV Promo:


I wondered where the 60th Logie Awards, The Block, Ninja Warrior and Doctor Doctor will be placed in the still to come category?


Why is the Nine logo blue when it is red in most cases?


What a weak line up of shows for “Australia’s greatest TV” or perhaps it is the promo that is supposed to be the greatest.


Um… because the network logo has been varying shades of blue since the 1970s? And the current default logo is in fact, blue.