Nine On-Air Presentation


And transmission configs AFAIK, GEM went to MPEG-2 HD.

Would love to see that happen again :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s some missing 2001 promos includes all the one Of Nine’s 2001 Branding


I don’t think this was ever posted here, but this is the original animation work for the current on air look.

Quite a few elements here which I’ve never seen on air. Quite a shame really because it looks so sleek!


… Can a YouTube video be my Valentine?


And if you want do some of it at home:


Absolutely boggling why a lot of this didn’t make it to air.


Not sure which thread is best to post this in, but noticed this email from 9Now today.

“Rugby League kicks of tonight”


One feature missing from that demo: spell check


I cringed, then I angery typed.

Spell check wouldn’t have (note have, not of) picked it up, it was a mistake which is far too (not to) common these days.


9Honey Ident:


The Voice sponsor board and another random cap at the end.



The voice pop up on screen during Rabbitohs vs Broncos match



Does Nine still do lineups anymore?


I haven’t seen one for ages. Which is a shame, they were always really nicely done


Deadpool 2 Movie Tie-In Ident:


Ten has one too. How is it possible that two networks have tie-ins with the same movie???


I don’t see why two networks can’t have tie-ins with the same film.

These shitty ad/ident things are effectively just skirting around the law so they don’t count towards the advertising limits, so it’s kind of like complaining about the same TV ad running on multiple networks.


It’d be nice if the Commercial TV Code of Practice stated that any Station Identifications “must only identify the channel and not be used to directly promote a single program or advertise any product/service” but unfortunately, I can’t see that happening anytime soon.