Nine News Now


Does Peter Hitchener ever do the chat room on this show?


Haven’t watched the show in quite a while but I do remember seeing him on it a couple of times.


I haven’t seen him on it for a long time.
Anytime they have someone from Melbourne on, it always seems to be Allan Raskall.


Amelia Adams was on the Chatroom today.


Ross Greenwood presenting Nine News Now today.


Vicky Jardim presenting today filling in for Natalia Cooper who is on holiday.


Good to see Jonathan Upton from Darwin included on the chatroom segment this afternoon.


has been regularly for about a year!


Fill in presenters this week-

Tuesday & Wednesday- Belinda Russell
Friday- Belinda Russell


Weather forecasts in the ticker at the bottom of 9 News Now are last Friday’s forecasts, not today’s.


Belinda Russell is presenting today she will most likely be the permanent Friday presenter next year.


I hope not. She’s a nice person but not serious enough when it comes to reading… too cheery.


It sounds like you have a deep disdain for her.

Tell me, what did she do to you?


I don’t have anything against her. I just don’t like her presenting style (just a bit to cheery) i can’t take her reading seriously sometimes.


Sophie Walsh is presenting Monday Nine News Now,it is not scheduled to air the rest of this week due to Cricket coverage.


In the Nine News Now “Chatroom” segment today, they have Brenton Ragless from Adelaide and Louise Momber from Perth.

Adelaide is HD, but it’s not HD from Perth.
I thought both cities had HD facilities now?


Yeah, Nine Perth has HD production facilities for news since the move to new studios in September last year.

It’s also rather common to see the weather presented from Melbourne in SD on the Afternoon News, even though Nine Melbourne has had HD news facilities for several years now.


Thanks, that is odd, I wonder why they don’t or can’t use HD consistently…

It’s not as if the HD studios would be getting used for anything else at the time.


Satellite space is finite, and if there isn’t an HD link available, they’ll have to go with SD.


Thanks, though I thought I read somewhere that Nine uses land based links mostly.