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Friday -
Started at 2.45pm for coverage of Prince Harry climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Davina Smith joined Belinda Russell for the special coverage.


Belinda Russell filling in for Amber this week.


I hate to be a stick in the mud, but that clock is wrong without a PM.


Being pedantic for the sake of being pedantic? :roll_eyes:


Belinda Russell is presenting today.



But to me it’s as bad as a spelling mistake. If you don’t want to use the AM/PM format, then you should be using 24 hour time. Simple.

Apple do it on their phones now too, as they’ve changed the screen to form around the notch at the top. It’s not a good trend.


Going off topic briefly, Apple should’ve given people the option to “hide” the notch by activating a black band on top of the screen. Even competing phones that have copied the notch are including that feature…


Tuesday -
Amber Sherlock is back presenting today.


Tuesday -
Ross Greenwood presenting today.


Wednesday -
Belinda Russell is presenting today.

Monday 3 December -
Sophie Walsh is presenting.