Nine News Now


Friday -
Jayne Azzopardi is presenting today.


Monday to Thursday -

Belinda Russell is presenting.

Friday -

Sophie Walsh is presenting.


Amber Sherlock is back presenting Nine News Now this week.


A 30 minute edition airing today live from 3.30pm AEDST- due to the network’s coverage of The Oscars.


Started at 3.20pm today.


The picture coming out of Brisbane was off today


@SydneyCityTV would have been happy with the Sydney picture.


Yep the news exchange background is often an interesting watch. So too of course, the reporter who was standing in front of it! :slight_smile:


Indeed Mike Dalton is certainly an interesting character :joy:


Wednesday -

Belinda Russell is presenting today.


Did I just see Lincoln Humphries on the Sydney broadcast?


Wednesday 13 March-

Jayne Azzopardi is presenting today.


Surely not?


Let me guess…words to the effect of “that SydneyCityTV fellow will really enjoy today’s Nine News Now - Jayne presenting & Dalts covering the showbag launch” were mentioned in the TCN newsroom this afternoon? :laughing:

If so, well played Nine!


Do not rate Jayne. Surely there are better fill ins?


The only thing I dislike about Jayne Azzopardi is that she’s presenting that rubbish “Talking Married” program on 9Life.

But other than that, her presenting/reporting is quite good IMO and while I couldn’t say for sure, I’m reasonably sure Jayne is a nice person off camera too.