Nine News Now


Friday -
Jayne Azzopardi is presenting today.


Monday to Thursday -

Belinda Russell is presenting.

Friday -

Sophie Walsh is presenting.

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Amber Sherlock is back presenting Nine News Now this week.

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A 30 minute edition airing today live from 3.30pm AEDST- due to the network’s coverage of The Oscars.

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Started at 3.20pm today.

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The picture coming out of Brisbane was off today


@SydneyCityTV would have been happy with the Sydney picture.

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Yep the news exchange background is often an interesting watch. So too of course, the reporter who was standing in front of it! :slight_smile:

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Indeed Mike Dalton is certainly an interesting character :joy:


Wednesday -

Belinda Russell is presenting today.

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Did I just see Lincoln Humphries on the Sydney broadcast?

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Wednesday 13 March-

Jayne Azzopardi is presenting today.


Surely not?


Let me guess…words to the effect of “that SydneyCityTV fellow will really enjoy today’s Nine News Now - Jayne presenting & Dalts covering the showbag launch” were mentioned in the TCN newsroom this afternoon? :laughing:

If so, well played Nine!


Do not rate Jayne. Surely there are better fill ins?

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The only thing I dislike about Jayne Azzopardi is that she’s presenting that rubbish “Talking Married” program on 9Life.

But other than that, her presenting/reporting is quite good IMO and while I couldn’t say for sure, I’m reasonably sure Jayne is a nice person off camera too.


Friday 12 April -

Sophie Walsh is presenting today.

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all on her own?


Wednesday 17 April -

Belinda Russell is presenting today.

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What do you mean by that?