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In the latest instalment of “Nine News Now Chat Room Segments we’d love to see off-air/behind the scenes footage for”


Friday -
Sophie Walsh is presenting.


Thursday -
Belinda Russell presenting today.

Nine News Presenters and Reporters

Belinda Russell filling in for Amber this week.


Am I overthinking things too much (quite possible, because the gossip hounds of Sydney media haven’t been reporting on this) or is there possibly a transition brewing at TCN?

Because if I’m not mistaken, Amber Sherlock has barely (if at all) presented Nine News Now + Sydney weather for a full week since around mid-April and you’d think the network would want to have all their main presenters on board during the Winter months when TV viewership is usually at its highest!


I think Amber has been taking time off to look after her son.


Thursday -
Deb Knight presenting today.


That is a nice change. Don’t think she has presented since early 2016.


Thursday -

Belinda Russell filling in for Amber today.

Nine News Presenters and Reporters

For the past month or so, the show has been doing a wideshot of the set for the return-to-break, just before Showbiz. They usually play a feature story on the LHS videowall.



Tuesday -
Belinda Russell is presenting today.


Monday (02.10.2018): Belinda Russell is presenting today.


I did notice that along with Deb filling in for Pete, Belinda filled in for Amber on Sydney weather last night.

Since the NSW school holidays are running for the next two weeks, I won’t be overly surprised if many regular presenters on Nine’s Sydney/national news programs take that time off to spend with their families - especially since the weather is generally nicer in October than it is in June/July!


Amber is presenting Tuesday - Friday this week.


Is the “news” in the title of this show optional or silent?


Yeah, I think there’s a reason “NOW” is larger than “NEWS” in the logo! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Am I seeing things or does that say “RAPE BATTLE”!?


It’s a silent ‘E’

It started out alright, but something when wrong in the transition


holy shit