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Hats off to Amber today. She was reading a story regarding Oprah wearing the wrong colour dress. Amber commented, “It happens to the best of us.”

In other news, they played a 3-5 minute video aired today, covering the royal wedding. I nearly punched the TV; the music (no V/O) was so irritating.


It’s not the Television’s fault :rofl:


Thursday -

Belinda Russell is presenting


I wonder if Belinda present Thursdays and Fridays now?

Amber has increased her duties in the last year or so. Monday- Wednesday she does Nine News Now, weather on the Afternoon News and weather for Sydney at 6.


Sophie Walsh presenting Monday’s bulletin.


Personally, I would’ve preferred to see Sophie Walsh on the Gold Telethon here in Sydney/NSW with Belinda Russell presenting Nine News Now for the other states!


Amber Sherlock has returned today.


Nine News Now runs live into Perth/WA from 1pm through 2pm (3pm-4pm AEST), with filler content until the local afternoon news commences at the standard 4pm and the network schedule resumes.

So why does it sign off the Perth/WA viewers only 5 minutes before the bulletin actually ends? What do they do with that 5 minutes? Is the only reason because Amber’s “it’s now time for Nine’s Afternoon News” is inaccurate for Perth/WA?


I assume ads…


What usually airs from 1-3pm AEST (movie), airs in Perth between 2-4pm. As well as ads, I would say it is so the movie can finish. That is why NNN finishes for Perth before the Chatroom sometimes.


Comedian Steven Phillips-Horst pays tribute to #jacketgate


Fill in presenters-

Wednesday -Sophie Walsh
Thursday -Belinda Russell


Wednesday & Thursday -

Belinda Russell filling in for Amber.


Nine News Now (3/7/2018) had just started off with a breaking news on Lariessa’s father speaking out.



Those backdrop graphics are a mess and so sensationalist. The use of video walls and screens should enhance the story, not detract from it.


Yuck. Very tabloid look


Sophie Walsh is presenting again this Wednesday.

Nine News Presenters and Reporters

“Whopping” - unusual adjective to see in a headline.


I’m more interested in the topic, l suppose if you aren’t getting a whopper in bed then you would want separate beds.:joy:


Thursday (05.07.2018): Belinda Russell is presenting today.