Nine News Now


For what they’re worth, a few snapshots of the 9Honey segment on today’s Nine News Now:


Graphics-wise, that 9Honey segment fits the 9 News brand better than the rest of that bulletin :confused:


Is that a new segment?


Gavin Morris from NBN News is on The Chatroom this afternoon.


Do they not want to use his presence as an excuse to promote the other NSW regional bulletins? I notice they only introduced him as being from NBN News.


“from NBN News in Newcastle”


Why is Nine News Now promoting Netflix so heavily this afternoon when Nine Entertainment Co is part owner of Stan?

The show was also celebrating 9honey’s first birthday this afternoon by sharing photos of Nine stars at one year of age. I’m betting Amber Sherlock was the only kid wearing polka dots at her first birthday party.


Amelia Adams is presenting today.


Reporting from Sunday and then Presenting Mon-Fri! Glad to see her stepping up the workload but Mon-Thurs is enough work! Hope she’s having a well deserved weekend break.


Belinda Russell is presenting on Thursday & Friday this week.


Belinda Russell presenting Monday - Wednesday this week.


Belinda Russell is presenting again this week, Amber Sherlock is still on holidays.


I’m the first to admit I didn’t like Belinda when she first came on the scene but boy how wrong was I. I’ve really warmed to her and enjoy her presenting style. One of my favourite Nine presenters now actually…


I also used to think she wasn’t great, but IMO she has improved and is better than when she’s first started.


Sophie Walsh is presenting today.


One year to the day since Cat Fight on the chat room.


Belinda Russell presented on Monday and Tuesday this week.

No bulletin aired Wednesday - Friday due to sporting commitments.


Belinda also presenting this Monday.


Belinda Russell filling in for Amber today.


This happened during the “9Honey” segment today…