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Gavin Morris in the Chat Room again


What are the chances that they are using Gavin in the chatroom so he gets enough exposure with viewers to do weather reports from Newcastle for 9News Now?

And then maybe 4pm Nine News Sydney?

Yes, he is pretty dry and lacks personality, but then so was Ian Wilkie, who presented weather on National Nine News Sydney for years.

Maybe Nine have got their eye on him for bigger things.


Amelia Adams presenting on Friday again this week.


Belinda Russell presenting today.


Alan Wilkie?


Yes, I think you’re right there!

Nine News Presenters and Reporters

Amelia Adams presenting again this Friday.


I would say she is now the permanent Friday presenter.


Gavin Morris and Nicole Rowles in the chatroom. The background screen behind Nicole is black:


Belinda Russell filling in for Amber today.
Amber returned on Tuesday.


Belinda Russell is presenting today.


Amelia is overseas with her sister. So probably away for a couple of weeks.


Sophie Walsh filled in for Amber today.


My guess is she was busy with whatever this is :point_down:t3:



Davina’s first appearance in the chatroom.


Interesting since all three of them seemed like metres away from each other.


Sophie Walsh is presenting today.


Belinda Russell is presenting today.


New Graphics! And coming from the Nine News Sydney set (I think??)

Looks alright… lots of red and white though :confused: