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:clock10: : Schedule Update

Sunday’s 60 Minutes special will now run for 90 minutes :slight_smile:

Sunday 2 December
07:00 pm 60 Minutes
08:30 pm Blue Planet Rpt
09:40 pm The Parachute Murder Plot
10:50 pm Taken S1 Ep03
11:40 pm Two and a Half Men x 2 Rpt


Any fking chance they can put it in one spot and leave it there!? My PVR is tired of chasing the fking thing!!
Oh, and thanks for the update.


They should be sued for false advertising :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On the contrary, the show will actually run for 60 minutes without ads for once! :stuck_out_tongue:


It will probably run for 58 minutes without ads.


Why is the program called 60 minutes?


Celebratory “40 Years” special - probably going to be in a different format than a typical episode of 60 Minutes.

That said, there’s been plenty of times in the past where I’ve seen the program scheduled for lengths longer than an hour in the EPG! :stuck_out_tongue:


Saturday 8 December
07:00 pm Christmas Live in Brisbane
Melissa Downes celebrates Christmas in Brisbane by crossing live to the Lord Mayor’s Carols and previewing the events visitors to the River City can enjoy during the Christmas season including Roma Street Parkland’s new Enchanted Garden.
08:00 pm Movie: Paper Planes (2014)
10:00 pm Movie: Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert (1994)


What a waste of time the 6am Saturday and Sunday slots have become. Give it back to kids programming.

At least it does prove Nine simply can’t justify extending Today to 6am on weekends no matter how much Nine (and some people here) want them to.


Get a grip. Kids programming on the main channel is such a pre-multichannel era concept. It’s not like the current 6am programming rates worse than their kids block so they’re not gonna put kids shows back there.

Since when were they going to extend Weekend Today? It’s just an assumption you made.


There is kids programming on 9GO, ABC KIDS, ABC ME, 10 Peach & 7Flix at 6am. Not necessary to add more.


Exactly. I think some just likes the nostalgia of having kids shows but it’s just not necessary on the main channel anymore.


Not to mention the fact most kids prefer on-demand/streaming content to linear channels nowdays…


Oh yeah! Well, that is very true.


Must be a market for it. I guarantee if Nine went back to kids programming at 6am it would outrate all of those.

Adults too.


[Citation needed]


Public figures are scarce but the last figure I could find was from March 2017 where Paw Patrol at 6am rated 39,000 with 74,000 after consolidation. Does NBC Today on Seven at 6am rate more than that?


Still doesn’t justify the idea of children’s shows at 6am-7am on the main channel.



Even though most on Media Spy grew up watching children’s television on the main channels, in 2018 going on 2019 I’d imagine that kids of the smartphone/tablet streaming generation are only really exposed to terrestrial TV because their parents have it on for the news or something.


If that is the case, maybe the question needs to be asked about reducing or dropping the requirement to produce them then. Waste of money if no one is watching.