Nine Network - Programs and Schedules

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I’m pretty sure that the requirements are that the networks can put their children’s programs on any channel they have, hence there’s been a decline of children programming on main channels and more on multichannels (7Flix, 9GO, 10Peach, ABC4KIDS and ABCME), isn’t it?

In any cases, I think there is still an audience to watch these programs, but not on the mainstream, premium-programmed main channels. I don’t think the requirements need changing.


Test pattern midnight to 6am might be a money saver…with catch up there is still plenty to watch🙃


Week commencing 9 December 2018

Sunday 9 December
07:00 pm 60 Minutes
08:00 pm Blue Planet Rpt
09:10 pm Murdering The Nanny
10:10 pm Killer Women with Piers Morgan Rpt
11:10 pm Taken S1 Ep04

Monday 10 December
07:30 pm Family Food Fight S2 Ep15
09:00 pm Movie: Spectre (2015)
11:50 pm Two And A Half Men Rpt

Tuesday 11 December
07:30 pm Family Food Fight S2 Ep16 Season 2 Final
08:40 pm The Big Bang Theory S12 Ep10
09:10 pm The Big Bang Theory Rpt
09:40 pm Kath & Kim Kountdown “Weddings, Parties & Tizzy Things”
10:40 pm Mom S5 Ep12 and 13
11:25 pm The Closer Rpt

Wednesday 12 December
07:30 pm Young Sheldon S2 Ep07
08:00 pm Young Sheldon Rpt
08:30 pm Movie: The Magnificent Seven (2016)
11:15 pm Rizzoli & Isles Rpt

Thursday 13 December
07:30 pm Great Getaways
08:30 pm RBT Rpt
09:30 pm Chicago Med S3 Ep15 and 16
11:25 pm Imposters S2 Ep01 Season 2 Premiere

Friday 14 December
07:30 pm World’s Best Commercials Rpt
08:30 pm Movie: The Santa Clause 2 (2002)
10:40 pm Movie: The Invention of Lying (2009)

Saturday 15 December
07:00 pm Movie: Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
09:05 pm Movie: Deck The Halls (2006)
11:05 pm World’s Most Expensive Christmas Rpt


That is the mid season final of The Big Bang Theory.
Young Sheldon will continue into Christmas with a new episode even airing Boxing Day.

World of Dance continuing Friday afternoons.

That is it for Chicago Med. There is obviously still more episodes of the season but Nine hits the pause button after this double episode.

Kevin Can Wait episodes really slowing down during the week now.


I’m sure in previous years as soon as it was the end of November most US shows ended even if they had episodes remaining, yet this year they have them still going into December ? Not just on Nine but I’ve noticed it on Seven too.


Um, Kevin Can Wait has been airing either 1 or 2 episodes per week, exception being this week where there is 0. Not sure they can slow down from 0!?


Or Networks deliberately hung onto US shows just to pump them out from Feb. I can only think of a couple of shows that have had this treatment this year, there does seem to be a lot more new US content across the commercial Networks at 10.30/11.30 at night.


There is an episode next week.

At one stage they were doing 3 episodes. So they going from 3 to 2 to 1 to 0 to 1 to 0

Just seems like a slow down to me.


They’ve not done 3 episodes in a week as far I’m aware.
There was one week (when the bloody royals were here) and they advertised either 2 or 3, actually aired 0.


:clock1: Schedule change

Sunday 9 December
09:10 pm Movie: Deep Impact (1998)
11:35 pm Taken S1 Ep04


Christmas Live in Brisbane back for another year including crosses to Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols.


Wednesday December 19th

7:30 Young Sheldon (ep 8 in season 2)
Note: This still leave 2 episodes to go before the mid season final which includes The Big Bang Theory crossover

There is not much else to report. The only new content is Taken will continue, along with Great Getaways, Imposters and a John Legend Christmas special. Mom and Chicago Med have been shelved.

No episode of Kevin Can Wait across the week. I am not sure what is happening with this show. I can see 20 episodes scheduled. Episode 22 is scheduled for this Wednesday 12th at 1:30pm. Not sure what happened to episode 21. 23 and 24 remain unscheduled.


Fri and Sat nights look like a 7 schedule from years gone by…


Week commencing 16 December 2018

Sunday 16 December
07:00 pm 60 Minutes
08:00 pm Blue Planet Rpt
09:10 pm Movie: In The Heart of the Sea (2015)
11:35 pm Taken S1 Ep05

Monday 17 December
07:30 pm RBT Rpt
09:00 pm Movie: Olympus Has Fallen (2013)
10:50 pm Murder Games Rpt
11:50 pm Two and a Half Men Rpt

Tuesday 18 December
07:30 pm The Big Bang Theory x 3 Rpt
09:00 pm Movie: London Has Fallen (2016)
11:00 pm The Closer Rpt

Wednesday 19 December
07:30 pm Young Sheldon S2 Ep08
08:00 pm Young Sheldon Rpt
08:30 pm Elton John: I’m Still Standing – A Grammy Salute Rpt
10:25 pm Brits Icon: Elton John Rpt
11:50 pm Rizzoli & Isles Rpt

Thursday 20 December
07:30 pm Great Getaways
08:30 pm Travel Guides Rpt
09:30 pm Movie: Four Holidays (2008)
11:15 pm Imposters S2 Ep02

Friday 21 December
07:30 pm A Legendary Christmas with John Legend
08:30 pm Movie: The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006)
10:30 pm Movie: Bad Santa (2003)

Saturday 22 December
07:00 pm Movie: Arthur Christmas (2011)
09:00 pm Movie: Christmas With The Kranks (2004)
11:00 pm Movie: Danny Collins (2015)


Have Nine aired all available eps of Manifest?


For a non-ratings season schedule it actually doesn’t look too bad. Good selection of movies and sitcoms. Will probably be beaten by the BBL on Seven but really can anything beat the Big Bash when there’s no other sports?




Is it meant to be a movie, or season 3 of a comedy?


There doesn’t seem to be Christmas with the Women’s Weekly this year?


Haha so disappointed! :joy: