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So Young Sheldon won’t air until 2019?


The following shows will continue into the first week of non ratings: Family Food Fight, The Big Bang Theory, Mom, Young Sheldon, Manifest, Paramedics and Chicago Med.


It should have started in the so-called non-ratings period.


In other words nine started summer a month ago.


Nine basically went into “Summer programming mode” after the finale of The Block and/or the NRL Grand Final.


Let’s just say it how it is… Once Nine knew they couldn’t win the years ratings, they gave up


Nine were within striking distance this time a year ago, 0.1% YTD main channel! :open_mouth:


Nine didn’t gave up – they just hoped FFF would do better and give a boost to Big Bang and Young Sheldon but it hasn’t.


They didn’t, but they didn’t really try either did they?


Program update

The Big Bang Theory will air Tuesday December 4th. That will be the mid season final and brings us up to date with America.
Young Sheldon will air episode 6 on Wednesday December 5th. That will leave 3 episodes unaired before the American mid season final.
Manifest will air episode 9 on Wednesday December 5th. That will leave 1 episode unaired before the American mid season final.
Paramedics will air Thursday December 6th. That will be episode 10 and I believe there are 10 episodes but someone will need to confirm this.
Chicago Med will air a double episode on December 6th but we are tonnes of episodes behind America.


Another program update
Family Food Fight still airing Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th December. Does not say final, however if the show aired as originally 3 nights per week and was supposed to finish last week of ratings then adding the eps up, this would be the final episode.
The Big Bang Theory will still be a new episode on Tuesday 11th December. This is the mid season finale and Nine is up to date.
Young Sheldon will air Wednesday 12th December, then leaving 3 episodes to mid season final.
As a correction to above post, it appears only 9 episodes will air of Manifest before a break. So Nine has screened them all by then.
Great Getaways returns to Nine Thursday 13th December meaning Driving Test is out.


I thought nine said that Family food fight would continue into summer?


Technically it is continuing into Summer as the non ratings period starts December 1st.


Will all states be up to date with Driving Test episodes before the break?




Week commencing 2 December 2018

Sunday 2 December
07:00 pm 60 Minutes
08:00 pm Blue Planet Rpt
09:10 pm The Parachute Murder Plot
10:10 pm Taken S1 Ep03
11:10 pm Two and a Half Men x 2 Rpt

Monday 3 December
07:30 pm Family Food Fight S2 Ep13
09:00 pm Movie: Skyfall (2012)
11:55 pm Two And A Half Men Rpt

Tuesday 4 December
07:30 pm Family Food Fight S2 Ep14
09:10 pm The Big Bang Theory S12 Ep09
09:40 pm The Big Bang Theory Rpt
10:05 pm Kath & Kim Kountdown “The Glitz & the Glama” Rpt
11:05 pm Mom S5 Ep10 and 11
11:55 pm The Closer Rpt

Wednesday 5 December
07:30 pm Young Sheldon S2 Ep06
08:00 pm Young Sheldon Rpt
08:30 pm Cosentino: The Elements
10:00 pm Manifest S1 Ep09
10:55 pm Lethal Weapon Rpt
11:45 pm Rizzoli & Isles Rpt

Thursday 6 December
07:30 pm RBT Rpt
08:30 pm Paramedics S1 Ep10
09:30 pm Chicago Med S3 Ep13 and 14
11:30 pm Imposters S1 Ep09 and 10 Season Final

Friday 7 December
07:30 pm World’s Best Commercials Rpt
08:30 pm Movie: The Santa Clause (1994)
10:30 pm Movie: The Family (2013)

Saturday 8 December
07:00 pm Movie: Paper Planes (2014)
09:00 pm Movie: Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert (1994)
11:10 pm Movie: Thelma & Louise (1991)

07:00 pm Christmas Live in Brisbane
Melissa Downes celebrates Christmas in Brisbane by crossing live to the Lord Mayor’s Carols and previewing the events visitors to the River City can enjoy during the Christmas season including Roma Street Parkland’s new Enchanted Garden.
08:00 pm Movie: Paper Planes (2014)
10:00 pm Movie: Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert (1994)

Movies on TV

Wow. Seven have lost The Santa Clause! That’s interesting news. Let’s hope Nine air the two follow up films over the following Friday’s then.

Also, why not air it at 7:30pm? It’s a family film.


Wow! That was a yearly movie for them at this time of year…they should broadcast Bad Santa now :joy:


And it’s in the 9 schedule now

Fri 30 Nov and Fri 7 Dec at 1 pm


I guess they paid for it and has to burn off somewhere. Out of prime time though.