Newsreader List Submissions



  • Cameron Williams presents sport Sunday-Thursday in Sydney
  • Yvonne has left the network
  • Liam Bartlett has left Nine News Perth to join 60 Minutes


  • Angela Cox is Talitha’s maternity relief on Weekend Sunrise, not Denham.
  • Kay McGrath anchors weekend news solo in Brisbane


A few updates to the regional news presenter lists.

Prime7 News

With previous Southern NSW (Wagga, Central West & Albury/Wodonga) newsreader Freya Cole having left the network on February 10 to become a reporter for Seven News Sydney, all five local bulletins share the same presenters now.

News & Sport: Madelaine Collignon & Kenny Heatley
Weather: Guy Fenton (who I believe also presents the weather on Prime7 News at 6.30pm bulletin these days )

WIN News

Tanya Dendrinos now presents weather on the Illawarra bulletin, as well as the five Victorian bulletins.


Jane Goldsmith has since returned from maternity leave to her weekend news presenting role.

Mike Lorigan is no longer at NBN News. Mitchell Hughes is technically the current weekend sports presenter of NBN News along with his usual weeknight position, although Chris White & Paddy Kilmurray regularly fill-in.

Nine News Regional, Southern NSW/ACT (new addition)

News: Vanessa O’Hanlon
Sport: Mike Lorigan
Weather: Gavin Morris



  • Jacqueline Felgate is on ML. Emily Angwin is presenting the local Arvo News for Melb.
    *Angela Tsun has returned from ML to weekend Perth News.


  • James Bracey presents Weekend Today sport
  • Morning/Afternoon News- Deborah Knight (Mon/Fri) and Davina Smith (Tues-Thur)
  • Will McDonald and Alice Monfries share the local Adelaide Arvo News role (now from 4-5pm, same in Perth)


  • Lachlan Kennedy, Hugh Riminton and Candice Wyatt have all been removed from the 5pm anchor position to return to solo presenters.
    *Amanda Jason is on maternity leave - Amanda Hart presents weekend weather.


Are the Adelaide presenters really reading the Perth 4pm bulletin?


The 4.00 news is presented from Sydney and then perth has it own local bulletin at 4.30


Last i herd Emmy Kubainski was presenting Nine News Live at 4.


I way saying that both the LIVE Adelaide and Perth bulletins now run from 4pm-5pm (not 5pm-5.30 like last year). Obviously, Emmy Kubainski presents the Perth edition.


Nine News Regional, Victoria (new addition):

News: Jo Hall
Sport: Nathan Currie
Weather Sonia Marinelli


ABC News Breakfast
Nate Byrne - weather presenter


Seven News Melbourne
Melina Sarris - weather presenter on Saturdays


Prime7 Local News/Prime7 News at 6.30pm:

Karl Lijnders is the new Weather Presenter for both bulletins from tonight. Guy Fenton presented his final forecasts for the network on Friday.


Does anybody know the name of the weather presenter for ABC Adelaide? I can’t find anything online. Do they have one? Thanks in advance for reply!


Haven’t had one in years.



Weekend TODAY:
James Bracey does not present sport anymore and Stevie Jacobs works fortnightly instead of weekly on weather duties.

Belinda Russell presents on Fridays

News- Deb Knight (Mon/Fri) or Davina Smith (Tue-Thur)
Weather- Amber Sherlock (Mon-Wed), Belinda Russell (Thur-Fri)

News- Alicia Loxley (Mon-Wed) or Dougal Beatty (Thur-Fri).
Weather- Livinia Nixon

News- Eva Milic (Mon-Thur) or Alison Ariotti (Fri)
Sport- Wally Lewis (Mon-Thur) or Sam Squires (Fri)
Weather- Garry Youngberry

News- Wil McDonald (Mon- Wed) or Alice Monfries (Thur-Fri)
Sport- Warren Tredrea
Weather- Jessica Braithwaite


Belinda Russell is weather on Friday’s only, isn’t she?


For the 6pm weather, yes. Last week on Syndey’s lcoal Afternoon News, Belinda Russell presented the weather on Thursday even though Amber did it at 6. It could be a one off, we’ll have to wait and see.


Some updates to the newsreader lists:

Nine News - Regional Queensland

News with Samantha Heathwood (which is already listed but anyway…), Sport with Paul Taylor and Weather with Nicole Rowles.

Seven - 4pm News Adelaide

News with Rosanna Mangiarelli, Sport with Nicki Barnet and Weather with Amelia Mulcahy.

The “Seven Afternoon News” bulletin that previously aired in Sydney, Adelaide & Perth (for the 1st half) is now only airing in Sydney with an unchanged presenter lineup. The title of “4.30 News Perth” probably should be changed to “4pm News Perth” but aside from that, I’m pretty sure that their presenter lineup remains unchanged as well.


I’ve just had a look through the newsreader lists and saw that there are some more updates needed.

These include the following:

Seven News
Jodie Speers, Sally Bowrey and Jacqueline Felgate have all returned from maternity leave

Nine News
Jonathan Uptin is now longer presenting Nine News Darwin (now a Regional bulletin with Samantha Heathwood)

Ten Eyewitness News
The Sunday Project now hosted by various presenters

Think that has covered mostly everything for now.




  • Sally Bowrey reads the news on Weekend Sunrise and her social media role is now redundant.
  • Sally Bowrey also presents Friday Morning News and local Sydney afternoon News.
  • This still has to be added:


  • Dougal Beatty and Brett McLeod share their shifts for Melbourne’s Afternoon News on Thursdays and Fridays
  • Erin Molan is the permanent weekend sport presenter in Sydney
  • Brisbane’s Sam Squires is on maternity leave. Dominique Loudon is filling-in.
  • Louise Momber is on maternity leave. Michael Genovese is her maternity relief.


  • Scott McKinnon presents sport on the weekend news
  • Amanda Jason has returned from maternity leave.


…and for NBN News, it probably should be mentioned that they rotate between Mitchell Hughes, Sam Djodan and Kate Haberfield as their weekend sports presenters.

Although it’s already been covered (sort of), Nine News Regional Queensland/Darwin as of the 11th of September:

News: Samantha Heathwood & Jonathan Uptin
Sport: Paul Taylor
Weather: Nicole Rowles