Newsreader List Submissions


Jodie Spears and Sally Bowrey have returned from maternity leave.

Lisa Wilkinson is no longer co-host of Today.

Deb Knight is currently the interim host.


The newsreader lists should be (finally) up to date.

Does anyone know who presents the evening shift on the ABC News Channel? I think Jason Om does the post 9pm bulletins but I’m not sure who does 6-9 pm.


Is Shaun McManus still 9 weekend Sports presenter? Havent seen him for a long time. Paddy Sweeney seems to be in the chair most weekends. (Elly Cormack filled in the last two weekends).


To update: Georgie Gardner has now been announced as new Today co-host


Aren’t you a few days late with that news?


The reason I mentioned it here was because it hasn’t been updated on the Nine News page.



Tim McMillian & Emmy Kubainski have been scrapped from the Perth weeknight bulletin.

Deborah Knight now presenting Friday/Saturday 6pm Evening News in Sydney.

Amelia Adams now presents Monday & Friday Morning/Sydney Afternoon News.



Afternoon News in Perth to be hosted by Tracy Vo. Michael Thomson to anchor 6pm. Sport TBA.


The Sunday Project hosted by Lisa Wilkinson and Hamish Macdonald.


Changes to Seven News Melbourne line up.

Sunday to Thursday
News with Peter Mitchell, sport with Tim Watson and weather with Jane Bunn

News with Jennifer Keyte, sport with Sean Sowerby and weather with Jane Bunn

News with Jennifer Keyte, sport with Sean Sowerby and weather with Melina Sarris


Couple that haven’t been changed in this list:

Prime7 News:
Liz Gwynn and Kenny Heatley present local news.
Madeline Collignon now presents the ‘national’ edition for now.

Weekend Sunrise:
Basil Zempilas now co-hosts with Monique Wright.

Nine Perth:
Louise Momber is back from maternity leave.


Matthew Pavlich presents Monday-Wednesday Sports. Paddy Sweeney presents Thursday-Sunday sports.


Neil Breen is presenting Friday/Saturday night sport on Nine News Sydney while Erin Molan is on maternity leave.


Jennifer Keyte now presenting Ten Eyewitness News in Melbourne with Stephen Quartermain back reading sport after four years as anchor.


Prime7 News:
Daniel Gibson is back reading the ‘national’ edition.
Kenny Heatley has left the network.
Madelaine Collignon and Liz Gwynn are presenting now.

SBS World News:
Lee Lin Chin has stopped reading the weekend news
Anton Enus will now present Friday-Saturday news
Janice Peterson is now on Sunday-Thursday


Sunday - Thursday-
Janice Petersen

Friday & Saturday -
Anton Enus


The following needs to be updated:

Seven News
Mike Amor has officially been announced as Jennifer Keyte’s replacement on Seven News Melbourne. Jacqueline Felgate has replaced Sean Sowerby as sport presenter on Friday & Saturday.

Nine News
Davina Smith is now presenting Nine Morning News and Nine Afternoon News Sydney all week replacing Amelia Adams.

Erin Molan has returned from maternity leave.

Ten News
Jennifer Keyte has replaced Stephen Quartermain. Brad McEwan has left with Quartermain moved back to sport.

Tommy Little is a regular on The Sunday Project alongside Lisa Wilkinson and Hamish Macdonald.


Nine afternoon news Queensland

Aislin Kriukelis is currently reading.

Nine News Gold Coast

Sport: Dominique Loudon
Weather: Jayde Cotic


Madelaine Collignon has gone on maternity leave.
Liz Gwynn and Karl Lijnders will now present.
Elly Wicks will replace Karl’s role and present weather.


Except Mondays (who are rotating presenters at this stage).

Only Thursdays and Fridays whilst Allison is on maternity leave.