Newsreader List Submissions


Post has been updated accordingly


Queensland 6pm News

News with Sharyn Ghidella and Bill McDonald, Weather with Tony Auden.

News with Kay McGrath and Rod Young, Coastal Information with Paul Burt

*Sport (Sunday-Wednesday) with Shane Webcke and Pat Welsh (Thursday-Saturday)

News with Melissa Downes and Andrew Lofthouse, Sport with Wally Lewis (Mon-Thu) , Weather with Garry Youngberry.

News with Darren Curtis and Aison Arriotti, Sport with Sam Squiers (Fri-Sun ) , Weather with Sophie Walsh.


**Perth 6pm news
*Mon - Fri Susanahh Carr & Rick Ardon -
Sport Mon - Thurs Basil Zempilas
Friday Adrian Barich Or Ryan Daniels -
Weather Mon - Fri Samantha Jolly
Sat -Sun News - Anglea Tsun
Sport Adrian Barich or Ryan Daniels


I’ve created a google sheets speadsheet of the current presenters so it’s eaiser to look at. I may expand it to past presenters later on.

Feel free to let me know of any mistakes or anything to fill the gaps.


Should be Rob Brough for 7LN.

Paddy Kilmurray is the weeknight sport presenter for NBN News.

Tim Hatfield is the presenter for Southern Cross News South Australia, the graph just says ‘News Updates’ beside his name.


On a regular basis? I thought that he mainly fills in for Mitchell Hughes, although if things have since changed I’d be happy to be corrected.


I may be wrong, but every time I flick past the NBN News channels I always see Paddy behind the desk.


I’ve included those updates as well as completed the rest of the ABC.


Jessica Braithwaite is the weather presenter for Nine News (6pm) in Adelaide


I suppose that the presenters of Seven’s new Gold Coast bulletin launching on July 4 will have to be added to the list as well.

Weeknight news: Rod Young
Weekend news: Amanda Abate
Weather: Paul Burt and Liz Cantor (exact roster for these roles TBC)
Sport: TBC


Liz Cantor will do Sunday and Monday, Paul Burt will therefore do Tues-Sat


You’ve missed Sally Bowrey for Weekend Sunrise “Entertainment” (though I think it might be more social media focussed on weekends?).


Time to blow the dust off this thread to add a few updates I think!

As I’m sure we all know, Michael Usher is the current Friday/Saturday newsreader on Seven News Sydney. Mellissa Doyle stepped down from presenting Sydney’s Friday & Saturday night 6pm bulletins back in August to focus on Sunday Night, with various fill-in presenters used until Usher joined the network.

Madelaine Collignon is currently on maternity leave from Prime7 until early next year, so this is what the current presenting roster for their full local bulletins is like:

Northern NSW (Tamworth & North Coast)
News, Sport & Weather with Kenny Heatley

Southern NSW (Wagga, Central West & Albury/Wodonga)
News and Sport with Freya Cole
Weather with Kenny Heatley

Not too sure about the status of Prime7 “National” News at 6.30pm, but I suspect that it’s still Daniel Gibson on News/Sport and Kenny Heatley on Weather.

Meanwhile at NBN News, regular weekend newsreader Jane Goldsmith is also on maternity leave until early next year. As far as I’m aware, the current presenter roster for their weekend bulletin is…

News and Weather with Chris White
Sport with Mike Lorigan.


Further updates…

Weekend Sunrise
Monique Wright has returned from maternity leave

Weekend Today
Deborah Knight has returned from maternity leave and Jayne Azzopardi is now news presenter

Nine Early News
Lara Vella has replaced Julie Snook

Time to remove The Verdict?

Virginia Haussegger resigned as presenter of ABC News Canberra


Nine Early News
Lara Vella has replaced Julie Snook

When was this confirmed?


I actually confirmed it as Lara Vella was actually Julie Snook’s supposed replacement. However, I can’t recall if she did a few weeks on the Early News or not, Vella was promoted to Today Sydney Reporter in July/August within a matter of being appointed to the Early News. Since Nine have returned to rotating presenters.


Just been updating the presenter lists (thanks to the above for the updates).

A few questions:

  • Who currently presents Nine Morning and Afternoon News, while Davina Smith is on maternity leave?

  • What the the Nine News Now schedule with Amelia Adams on maternity leave?

  • Who is doing Seven Early News at the moment?

  • Who is doing Friday Morning/Afternoon news on Seven?

  • Who replaced Natassia Apolloni and Georgia Love on WIN?


As of early this month, Deborah Knight and Jayne Azzopardi share the role across the week. Amelia Adams was the original maternity relief before she went on maternity leave.

Amber Sherlock is the presenter Monday-Thursday and Natalia Cooper Fridays.[quote=“Brad, post:38, topic:1147”]
Who is doing Seven Early News at the moment?

Samantha Brett is the presenter whilst Jodie Speers is on maternity leave.

ATM, a rotation of presenters including Chris Reason, Angie Asimus and Robert Ovadia.


@Brad Some errors I noticed:


  • Sophie Walsh is at TCN now so Luke Bradnam presents the weather.


  • Sally Bowrey is also on maternity leave from Weekend Sunrise.
  • Ryan Phelan presents sport on the Morning News
  • I haven’t seen Giaan Rooney present QLD Arvo News for months, Pat Welsh has been presenting
  • Brisbane 6pm News weather- Tony Auden (Sunday-Thursday); Paul Burt (Friday-Saturday)
  • I believe Angela Tsun is now on ML :



  • Natalia Cooper has replaced Steve Jacobs on Today
  • Tom Steinfort has replaced Peter Stefanovic on Weekend Today
  • Steve Jacobs has replaced Natalia Cooper on Weekend Today