News Themes

Magnificent get! Someone should mix the return from the break with the throw to the break for a continuous theme clip! Would be great for archival purposes.

For anyone interested here is my attempt at a 5 minute loop of the theme used in this video. Thanks @TV.Cynic :slight_smile:

Edit: If the player above doesn’t work then try here.


Not bad! Would be cool or incorporate all versions into it as a super mix.

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Here’s my attempt at editing that theme into something that builds up to the end. Shame no actual ender/opener was broadcast that day :frowning:

Thanks @TV.Cynic for capping it :slight_smile:


Speaking of 7 News, here’s an incomplete mix of The Mission that The Latest: Seven News used to use as a bed for going into and out of breaks and also as a closer:


I’m missing 8 seconds of clean audio to complete the mix … hopefully the skip is not too obvious :laughing:.


Here’s my second attempt. Faded in the opener, extended the good parts of the bed and picked (I think) the 3rd closer from @marquisite’s mix. Thanks for sending them to me mate :slight_smile:


Just got an interesting comment on one of my YT videos that I wasn’t aware of before - the source of the theme to TVQ 0’s first full news bulletin “News Watch” that started in 1974 at 6:30pm to avoid the 6pm news on 7 and 9.

Here is the video of various instances of the theme [audio only]

And the source.