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Because news organisations change over time? The News Corp of two decades ago is a very different beast to the one we have today.


Still why complain when you had a good job. You take all the good along with the bad.

Absolutely. agree 100%. But workplace dynamics change over time and I’m sure we’ve all had jobs where the level of bad eventually increases and overtakes or negates any level of good and it gets to a point where you have to move on.


You’d read that CBD article and think that Haigh tee’d off against his former employer - turns out it doesn’t really coalesce with the podcast


News Corp launches its new Health of the Nation campaign today.

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Peter Lalor, who has been The Australian’s chief cricket writer for the past 30 years, has taken redundancy, with today his last day. He will continue to be part of Seven and SEN’s cricket coverage.

The Australian’s associate editor based in Melbourne, Ellen Whinnett, has also taken a redundancy.


Not really surprised he has left only a couple of months after Gideon Haigh departed. A lot of his comments on Twitter seemed at odds with the editorial position of The Australian. I felt like it was only a matter of time really.

The article also mentions that he is facing health challenges.

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Sorry to hear about Pete’s health issues, he’s a great contributor and cricket writer. I hope he turns up somewhere else soon, when the time and situation allows.

Though with both he and Gideon now gone, there goes any last remaining reason to want to read The Australian again.


Tim May mentioned it in passing in an interview on Seven during on one of the test matches, as far as I can see it was the only real mention of it anywhere (until this article), unless Peter himself covered it in one of his articles.