News Corp Australia

Welcome to the end of newspapers as we knew them.


The Herald Sun has started putting the majority of Andrew Bolt’s blog behind a paywall.

His sheep are becoming restless.


Don’t stretch yourself too far, Ivor.

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The Press Council clears Mark Knight over the Williams cartoon.


I just saw this last night. Alice has really made a name for herself and dug up some great stories while at Buzzfeed, but it seems quite the change to go from there to the Oz, a somewhat more conservative publication

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Embarrassing mistake by Chris Kenny

The word used was “conservators”, in a light-hearted chat about a murder mystery book set in an art museum.


“I’ll broadcast it on television” as if it’s a threat.

ABC will be saying “bring it bitches”…

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How did we like the effort of some of the News Corp mastheads for yesterday’s budget announcements - Queensland’s Courier Mail’s effort reproduced below

I understand the whole having an editorial line thing, but that front cover almost warrants an ‘authorised by the Liberal Party’ disclaimer on it


Fair & Balanced. :stuck_out_tongue:


About as Fair and Balanced as a drunk tightrope walker at a school fair. :rofl:


Jesus fucking Christ lol wtf​:joy::joy:

Well…it’s the best I could do after a long day being told to lose more weight (thanks scoop) and getting used to a fab new car. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it’s hard to be witty when you’re being served champagne in your private jet. :wink:

The Australian reports that it will temporarily make the Walkley Award-winning podcast The Teacher’s Pet unavailable in Australia from today, to ensure a fair trial for Chris Dawson who is accused of murdering his wife Lyn. However the podcast will still be available overseas.

A feeble attempt by News Corp. It’s still available to play on various podcast sites and on iHeartRadio.

I think it will take a couple of days to pull the audio clips from the podcast sites and iHeartRadio.

Should have been done as soon as he was charged.