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News Corp today publishes The 2018 Stellar Annual, a special edition magazine featuring The 50 Most Talked About Women in Australia. It is a compilation of cover stories and inside feature stories from more than 100 issues of Stellar since its launch in 2016, featuring Nicole Kidman, Miranda Kerr, Kylie Minogue and many others. Unlike the regular edition of Stellar magazine which is only available in NSW and Victoria, The Stellar Annual is on sale nationwide, in Coles and Woolworths for one month and in newsagents, Costco and Big W for three months.


Anyone know why the regular editions are only available in VIC & NSW?


The regular edition is only inserted into The Daily Telegraph in NSW and The Sunday Herald Sun in Victoria. Sunday Mail Brisbane and Sunday Times Perth have their own magazines.


Oh no!

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Email from News Corp management chastising staff who leaked an earlier email is leaked.


Geelong Advertiser editor Liam Houlihan is leaving the company at the end of the year. In all, he has spent 15 years at News Corp including stints at Herald Sun.


As posted in Seven West Media thread, Anthony De Ceglie is returning to his home state of WA to become senior editor of West Australian Newspapers. De Ceglie has been deputy editor of The Daily Telegraph in Sydney since 2016.

#455 has a breaking story about Melbourne Airport being closed due to a fire in the control tower, but the lead video at the top of the story has nothing to do with news story. Most lead videos on having nothing to do with the following story. Why does News have this annoying policy of pushing unrelated videos onto readers.

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Click bait


To suck people in.


The Sunday Telegraph has a small revamp from this week. Its kids section Funday Telegraph has been split into two. It is now a folded A1 size poster with its own games and puzzles. The TV guide itself has been reduced to compact size (around A5) and has been renamed Watch, and keeps the comics (from Funday Telegraph) and puzzles for adults. Funday Telegraph was a 8-page liftout until 2017 before it was merged with the TV guide.


News Corp publishes a news story with an offensive headline. They should be using Aboriginal, not the offensive colonial era term Aborigines.


It’s the same word…


The volume of material produced by the podcast has caused problems for the prosecution and the defence in the case against Chris Dawson, with Dawson’s lawyer claiming both sides have had their cases jeopodised.


News Corp should pull down the podcast from iTunes to avoid further legal problems.


Next week the Sunday Herald Sun will introduce a new 32-page entertainment liftout called Screen. It will merge the existing Scene liftout (which didn’t appear in today’s paper) and TV Guide. It will include 5 pages of puzzles and a new gaming column by former Good Game and screenPLAY host Stephanie Bendixsen.


Wait, the TV Guide is going to be formed into this oversized lift out with other rubbish in it too?


The new Screen liftout is complete rubbish. The TV area is awful compared to the TV Guide. It seems that everything was just mashed together into one liftout without any coherence whatsoever.

They’ve done a good job at completely shrinking the decent content in the paper in the last five years, while continuously putting the price up. The Wednesday TV lifout used to be decent but that was morphed into the Hit magazine. The TV Guide was still pretty good, unfortunately that’s been destroyed too.

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