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Another Media section journalist moves on.


Who’s going to become the next messenger for Rupert? :unamused:



I’ll be at Southern Cross station later I’ll try and grab a copy


Sugar Free like Coke Zero RIP :coffin: ?


No, it’s a new brand of non-alcoholic beer from CUB. I mentioned it in another thread couple of weeks ago.


So the beer funded the return of the newspaper?


Looks like it.


Exactly. Here are two articles about the MX relaunch:


Editorial director of GQ Australia Edwina McCann has announced that the brand will produce a special issue of GQ Style to be published 27 September 2018 as part of GQ Australia’s 20th anniversary celebrations.


Got my copy of MX. 24 pages which is more than i expected. Every ad in the paper is for the beer.

Readers letters and comments are rehashed from mX 1.0 because clearly there aren’t any new ones yet.

There is also a comeback reference with 1 article “things we thought were hot in 2001” ( when mx first launched)

No TV guide and rest of the paper layout seems to be very similar to mX 1.0. Looks like they’ve kept the old templates :wink:

A novel concept to bring back the paper based on advertising but if it pays off they might find other advertisers keen to do same.


Will be an interesting case study.

No doubt if it’s a success we’ll see this a few times a year going forward.



Which leads another round of editorial reshuffle at News Corp.
Ben English, current editor of the Gold Coast Bulletin, has been appointed editor of The Daily Telegraph
Rachel Hancock, deputy editor of The Courier-Mail, has been appointed editor of the Gold Coast Bulletin.


I’m assuming the mX revival is still going but I’ve not seen it at Southern Cross station after the first edition came out. Today should have been week 3, and next week should be the last one.


Breaking News…

Oh no maybe it wasn’t…


Have seen a few of those the last couple of days, rare that I’ve seen them but have seen two or three in the last couple of days. Makes me wonder what they were!


Law suits :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face:


It has been pointed out that The Daily Telegraph reports on the Geoffrey Rush vs Nationwide News defamation lawsuit are freely available - they are not behind the paywall. News Corp can drop the paywall when it suits them.


Today’s News Corp papers are dated November 4K to mark the debut of Foxtel’s cricket coverage in 4K. For example, the date can be seen above the U in the Sunday Herald Sun masthead.