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It is good that News does this, I think.

Rather excessive to give a crown to the winners, as if they are the Moomba Monarch. :smiley:


Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight has been dragged into a new controversy, all because of his work in yesterday’s paper depicting Serena Williams’ dummy spit during the US Open women’s singles final.
So much so the paper wrote an editorial today defending Knight’s cartoon.


It’s like they’re not even pretending to be a newspaper anymore. This looks more like the cover of Mad magazine


Mad magazine would be funny at least. That front page is the equivalent of a child having a tantrum. An immature and pathetic response to the criticism.


I don’t think they’re trying to be funny. I applaud the Herald Sun for taking a stand against the criticism. Good to see them standing by their employee and not bowing to the PC police.

While I’m aware of the history surrounding the negative depiction of African-Americans in the past, I just don’t get the outrage surrounding the cartoon. Call me culturally insensitive but I look at that cartoon and see a comment on behaviour. The subject’s race didn’t even enter my thinking on first glance. I honestly see no difference between the angry person depicted in that cartoon and this angry person depicted in the Fat Albert cartoon series.



For me, it is how she is drawn. He exaggerated certain features to make her look like an outdated historical stereotype. A google search finds Serena Williams cartoons by other cartoonists that are not like that.


I can see your point but I don’t believe it was the cartoonist’s intention to be racist. It’s a caricature not a portrait. If a cartoonist were to draw me I would expect he/she would over emphasise my nose and chin. I wouldn’t call them out for being anti-semitic because I happen to have Jewish ancestry.


Funny that you should mention Mad Magazine, because it’s to my understanding that Australian turned New York-based cartoonist Jason Chatfield does work for them these days.

It’d be particularly interesting to hear his opinion about the controversial Herald Sun cartoon, but probably unlikely to happen with his other major cartoon interest (that of course being Ginger Meggs) being carried by many of News Corp’s papers including the Herald Sun.



It’s fine that the paper backs its staff. I just think it’s sad that a newspaper feels it needs to turn its front page into a cartoon strip in order to have a tantrum, ironically which is what the original cartoon was claimed to be about.

Newspaper front pages can be iconic but this just looks childish.


“Childish” is just about the right level to tackle the PC brigade.
Intelligent debate is instantly shut down the second PC police get their hands on it. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. We can’t have a debate using reasoned and opposing argument any more. People are too scared to say what they really think, and bit by bit this PC garbage, which on some levels seeks to deny that which actually is, gains momentum and stifles free speech.
There is nothing wrong with Knight’s cartoon. Virtually all cartoonists exaggerate features to make a figure instantly recognisable and this is no more or less so.
Bravo to the Herald Sun for standing up.


The thing is this cartoonist failed with Serena Williams. It isn’t instantly recognisable as her, except for maybe the hair but that is only in the context of the rest of the scene.


I don’t consider it a fail at all. The features that were exaggerated are the same features that I would exaggerate if I wanted to depict a dummy spit in this situation.
I doubt that we would be debating this if the cartoon depicted a white dummy spitter with exactly the same exaggerations.


I don’t find the cartoon offensive either. Mark Knight might have exaggerated Serena’s hair and facial features but that’s about it. So I don’t understand why African Americans are complaining against the cartoon instead of complaining against Serena’s outburst in the first place.


My two cents, initially I didn’t find it offensive either, but listening and reading some of the more measured responses in the context of racial stereotyping of last century clearly many people find Knight’s caricature deeply offensive. Yes Williams’ opponent is also dark skinned, but she isn’t the antagonist in the cartoon hence the basic drawing of her focussing on her blonde ponytail. People unfamiliar with Knight’s work wouldn’t understand that is how he draws.
I think in hindsight the cartoon probably deserved an apology from HWT. But I can’t see those heaping the most scorn accepting that.




Caught a little of’s pre coverage of The Emmy’s online today and it all looked very unapologetically Rob KcKnight produced, not too dissimilar to how it would’ve usually been done on Studio 10 to be honest.

The standouts were probably seasoned professionals Jonathon Moran, Melissa Hoyer and Andrew Bucklow and Susie Elelman also featured on the panel as well.

Loop showing on the stream now:


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More than three years after its closure, afternoon paper MX is back for a limited time, thanks to a sponsorship from the new Carlton Zero beer. The paper will be distributed free at Melbourne’s CBD and Richmond railway stations every Wednesday starting tomorrow (September 26).


Must be some big ad dollars being paid to get this paper out of the graveyard

But kudos to their social media team for never deleting the original Twitter account :wink: