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News Corp has identified four developers to pitch on a massive project on its Bowen Hills site, which currently houses The Courier-Mail and the local office of The Australian.


Is Caleb just trolling us now


I’m not really sure what to say about those opinions, especially remembering that the number of years old Caleb Bond is still only starts with a 1! :open_mouth:

Although it wouldn’t overly surprise me if he gets his own program on Sky News or talkback radio sometime in the next 10-15 years.


No issue with someone of that age having an opinion but to advocate for war just so society becomes a little less wasteful seems terribly ignorant. He knows what war is, right? He’d be of age to go to war, too. I doubt we’d see him queueing up to enlist.




I’m convinced Bolt has become a satirical blog just his regular followers don’t know it yet.





Amazon Australia content editor Shannon Molloy is returning to News Corp.




Flying in from California this morning Rupert Murdoch’s plane was diverted to Sydney due to fog closing Canberra Airport. During his unscheduled stop in Sydney Murdoch was spotted buying some quality reading material in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian Financial Review, seemingly not bothering to buy News Corp’s own The Daily Telegraph and The Australian.


Emergecny in Toowoomba :slight_smile:


So, nobody even checks a front page headline?


The Australian sends out a media release with an embargo time of midnight tonight, but sends out a tweet with the release at 9.30pm


The Teacher’s Pet has to be one of the most successful podcasts in recent history. It recently hit 10 million downloads and hit No.1 on iTunes podcast charts in four countries - Australia, US, Canada and UK. Who would have thought overseas people will be so interested in the disappearance of an Australian mother more than 30 years ago?


Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet call for a retraction of story in The Australian:

The article in today’s The Australian contains a series of assertions about departmental support for Ministers who submitted their resignations during the past week.

There is no factual basis for any of these assertions relating to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet or me.

I have contacted The Australian to seek a retraction.

Secretary provides facts on false reporting in The Australian


Meanwhile over in Boltland…

He repeats it on his blog. I’m lost for words.


Herald Sun announced today that Danny Russell is the new sports editor. Russell had been editing the Sunday Herald Sun sports section for two years. Jamie Tate has been appointed sports editor of the Sunday edition.


The 2018 Pride of Australia Awards were officially launched today. Seven News and Australia Post have come onboard as new sponsors. The nominees who have made inspiring and selfless contributions to the community will be featured on Seven News each week and culminate in the crowning of the national Editor’s Choice Award winners live on Sunrise on December 14.