News Corp Australia


“EXCLUSIVE” according to The Australian. Even though Fairfax beat them to it last week :wink:


Real? :thinking: - I suppose it depends what you have previously Googled as to what ads appear.


News Corp chief marketing officer Tony Phillips will be leaving the company at the end of 2018. He has decided to return home to Melbourne and plans to open his own brand consultancy next year.


I would have thought the Gold Coast would have been worth a bit more :thinking:


It is rather tacky. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Australian apologies after reader comments were published that were encouraging harm to the ABC and its employees.


The Australian removes the inappropriate comments but they are still there for all to see republished on twitter. What was the point?


Have people actually read the comments on that site? It’s vile. The tin foil hat conspiracy theorists abound. They’re still calling for the return of Tony Abbott.


aren’t comments on that site moderated? Someone would have had to approve them??


They are. When I have commented it takes a while to appear, sometimes up to an hour.


It’s quite funny reading the comments before the SSM survey result came out. 90% thought it would be a resounding no.



Gleeson will continue to write a weekly column for the Sunday Mail. Kelvin Healey, who has been the deputy editor of The Courier Mail for the last two years, will be the new Sunday Mail editor effective July 23.


The price of Herald Sun goes up by 10c from today for both weekday and Saturday editions. Usually price rises for weekday and weekend editions are announced separately.


Further update to this post: Yesterday’s edition of “Class Mate” in The Daily Telegraph was the last after 18 years.


The Adelaide Advertiser turns 160 today. To celebrate, it published a special heritage front page today, while its AdelaideNow website also allows people to view it in heritage edition.


Ash Sheard has resigned as News Corp general manager of network sales in Victoria.


The Daily Mail accused gay writer James Weir of having a heterosexual affair with Rose Jacobs, the estranged wife of Steve Jacobs. Weir recounts the story:


I felt like I was reading a piece if satire there. :thinking: