News Breakfast


Lisa Millar co-hosting with Paul Kennedy from Monday 31 December.


Virginia’s last day until mid March next year.


Well that sucks.



Long service leave?


Possibly. She just said “very long break”…


Probably since she has been hosting the show since Day 1.


Must be going on trial to replace Karl on Today.


Monday 24 December & Wednesday 26 December -

Georgie Tunny hosting with Paul Kennedy.
Lara Hyams presenting weather on location in Sydney.
Georgie and Paul also reading sports news this week.


Thursday -

Nate Byrne is back presenting weather this morning.


Monday 31 December -

Lisa Millar’s first day as co-host of News Breakfast.


Today is Andrews last day hosting Weekend Breakfast according to him on Twitter.

Did we know this?


Dan Bourchier is co-hosting with Johanna Nicholson (who is returning from holidays) on Weekend Breakfast next weekend.


Andrew Geoghegan is leaving Weekend Breakfast after seven years.This morning was his last day.
He is moving to the Late News during the week.I would say Dan Bourchier is his replacement.


Highly unlikely given that Dan still presents Canberra news and Breakfast radio, unless if he is doing a Basil Zempilas.


Oh ok maybe just filling in on Weekend Breakfast for now then.


Weekend Breakfast is so messy. Hardly ever the same two people anyway. News Breakfast is a much more superior product.


Never been a fan of the weekend edition.


Michael Rowland is returning from holidays on Monday 21st January.


They need to move production to Melbourne


Then Insiders/Outsiders and another lot of programming would need to find a new home.