News Breakfast


Thursday (15.11.2018): With Paul sick, Catherine Murphy presented sport.


Mmmm, seems like the ABC has buried the news that Del Irani is leaving News Breakfast


Judging by her tweet this afternoon looks like she will be busy elsewhere next year.


Meh, she’s always “leaving” News Breakfast. Then a month later, she’s back.

But good for Madeleine Morris!


Nah, it is a shame. Del is a great presenter and is a great fill-in for Michael and Virginia.


Friday -

Michael Rowland at Parliament House in Melbourne this morning.



Monday & Tuesday -

Paul Kennedy hosting with Virginia and Georgie Tunny presenting sport.


James Hancock will be presenting the weather next week.

Also next week Ali Moore will be co-hosting with Michael on Monday.


News Breakfast should seek out the availability of Adam Boland to grow a program that allows viewers engagement.


What do you suggest, the ABC Shop Cow?


And make it like all the other ones out there? People want the news, not to hear what others think.


Doesn’t he live on a Tropical Island now days?


Friday -

Paul Kennedy hosting with Virginia and Georgie Tunny presenting sport this morning.


James Hancock presenting the weather again this week.


Thursday -

Michael is now on holidays with Paul Kennedy filling in for him from tomorrow with Georgie Tunny presenting sport.

Edit -
Nate Byrne returns to presenting the weather from Monday 17 December.

Monday 17 December -

Paul Kennedy hosting with Georgie Tunny.


Monday (17.12.2018): Paul Kennedy and Georgie Tunny co-hosted today. They also did sport together.


Monday -

Next week -
24-12-2018 - 28-12-2018

Paul and Georgie are hosting.


Tuesday (18.12.2018) - Friday (21.12.2018): Paul Kennedy is co-hosting with Virginia. Georgie Tunny is presenting sport.


News Breakfast starting at 7.00am and finishing at 9.30am next week.