News Breakfast


Southbank’s sets are a total mess anyway, if it makes them think creatively/invest properly in good versatile sets then bring it on.


Monday 14 January -

Georgie Tunny presented sport on location this morning.


Michael Rowland returns from holidays on Monday.


Alert to fake news article

A fake article is currently circulating on Facebook, tagged as “Sponsored content” and promoting an automated trading platform, which includes a purported interview on ABC News Breakfast, pictures from the program and quotes attributed to hosts Virginia Trioli and Michael Rowland.

The article is entirely fabricated and the ABC has alerted Facebook.


Nick Dole hosting Weekend Breakfast with Johanna Nicholson this weekend.




The weekend edition needs a refresh. The presentation is so dull and drab. The show should move to Melbourne. It needs a soft seating set for weekends.

The new studio in Melbourne would be able to accommodate versatile set changes for Breakfast/Insiders/Offsides.


Tuesday - Thursday

Georgie Tunny is presenting the weather.


I like that they use Georgie across different roles too. It is consistent and shows she is a part of the familar.


Nick Dole and Johanna Nicholson hosting Weekend Breakfast this weekend.

Josh Szeps starts next weekend.


Wasn’t he on last weekend?


Paul Kennedy is away sick today Michael is also reading sports news.


Madeleine Morris will be hosting with Michael for the next two weeks.



He’s looking older of late, maybe it’s the moustache.

God that studio and set is awful for a breakfast show, let alone a news program.


Yes, it’s had it’s day. I think it’s coming up 9 years old.


Isn’t so dark and yuck, ugh


It’s been around since the Launch of the channel. The desk and the rise use to light up.