News Breakfast




It’s great to have Del back on the show permanently.

Paul Kennedy is also returning to the show this week, he will be on Friday’s 10th birthday show.


The team also did a Facebook Live video/chat this morning - it’s well worth watching, especially because Michael & Virginia make some interesting comments about Sunrise & Today


Interesting look at Virginia & Michael’s mornings before the show starts.

Also, Lisa Millar filling in for Virginia over summer.


Happy 10th Birthday News Breakfast!


Friday -



Well done to everyone involved. Hopefully we can see more of these outdoor broadcasts in the future.

Anyone from rival broadcasters complemented them?


Constipated them? I hope not. :joy:


I’m writing on a 5S iPhone here… :v:


Some of the archive clips shown




I’m guessing that Salty has outed him/herself as working at ABC given all of the photos without watermarks!


Nah. That photo is from Twitter.


I was surprised at the crowd size.

The show gets better every year (their inaugural set is hideous).

So is Paul back permanently now?


Yes this morning was his first day back permanently.


You’re right JBar. Salty has confirmed that the clean shots were from the News Breakfast twitter (or was in Facebook?) account.

So he/she/they haven’t outed themselves as being in Auntie’s clutches! Comment withdrawn.


Tuesday -

Paul Kennedy presented sport from Flemington.