News Breakfast


Virginia’s speech at Women in Media conference.


Monday - Thursday

Madeleine Morris co-hosting with Michael.


View of studio


That view of the set looks about a million times better than how it appears on camera.


Exactly what I thought :wink: so much more colourful and textured.


The set up looks good from that view.

Love to see a new set one day to complement the new studio.


They are now using CueScript autocue’s like Nine uses in their Metro News studios and Seven in Sydney.


Friday -
Georgie Tunny co-hosting with Michael.


Kathryn Robinson co-hosting with Johanna on Weekend Breakfast this weekend.


Monday & Tuesday -
Del Irani co-hosting with Michael.

News Breakfast coming from the Sydney studio with renovations happening in the Melbourne studio.

Monday -
Georgie and Nate in Melbourne presenting on location near the Yarra River this morning.

Tuesday -
Georgie and Nate presenting from St Kilda.


Wednesday - Friday

Ali Moore co-hosting with Michael back in the Melbourne studio.


Has the new newswall made an appearance?


Actual real news on a breakfast show…wow, who would have thought

Very palatable

Might have to stick with this a bit longer


Hamish Macdonald will be co-hosting with Virginia next week,Michael is now on holidays.


Hmm looks like he is still a freelance, either that or Ten allowed him to appear on ABC.


Has been all along. He has been appearing on a few things on the ABC this year.


Hamish has been doing reporting for Foreign Correspondent this year, guest hosted Q&A and hosted on News Breakfast earlier this year.


I thing there would be an agreement with TEN and the ABC. There isn’t enough work for him to be full time on The Project. Having him on both shows would help promote and support one another. It’s not like the compete with each other, and Ten doesn’t have a news platform at that time of the day.


Doubt it. Hamish goes where the work is as a freelancer.

He also hosted the breakfast show on ABC Radio National for a long period this year


Friday -
Georgie Tunny presented sport outside the MCG this morning.