News Breakfast


Ali Moore is co-hosting with Michael next week.


Virginia returned this morning.


Michael Rowland in Canberra this morning also


Wednesday - Friday -

Michael in Canberra for the Leadership Spill.


Friday- Michael is live in Canberra again today ahead of today’s Leadership Battle.

Kirsten Diprose (yay!) is presenting the weather this morning.


Jeremy Fernandez is co-hosting with Virginia this Thursday.



Madeleine Morris has joined the team to present Business and Finance News for the next couple of months.


Jeremy also co-hosting tomorrow (Friday) morning.


Great to see Jeremy on News Breakfast.


What is Del doing anyway?


Filming a new show, Escape from the City.


She mentioned the last time she filled in for Virginia that she had been travelling around the country this year filming the new show and doing some newsreading shifts.

I think she will probably return to News Breakfast in a few months when filming for the new show is finished.


Del and Virginia are probably the main assets to this show so I hope she does return.


Monday -

Michael is back hosting with Virginia.


Wednesday -

Mary Gearin co-hosting with Michael.


Kathryn Robinson (Saturday) and Adrian Raschella (Sunday) are filling in for Andrew Geoghegan this weekend.


Update -


Wednesday- Madeleine Morris co-hosted with Michael

Thursday- Paul Higgins is presenting the weather.


Friday -

Paul Higgins presenting weather again today.