News Breakfast


Are they new cameras?


The cameras are new. The studio got a major upgrade a few months ago when they moved from Ignite automation to Mosart


Monday - Thursday :
Madeleine Morris co-hosting with Michael.

Virginia returning on Friday this week.


Del attended the Logies with Virginia last night.


Michael is now on holidays for the next few weeks.


Celebrating his 50th Birthday (which is on Sunday) this morning.


It’s becoming a bit farcical how there isn’t a week where at least one member of the News Breakfast team isn’t present


Paul Kennedy will be hosting whilst Michael is on leave.


Starting at 5.30am tomorrow for special coverage of Thai Cave Rescue.


With Georgie Tunny presenting sport.


Thursday -
Michael returned from holidays today.



Adrian Raschella co-hosting with Johanna Nicholson this weekend.


Monday -
Madeleine Morris co-hosting with Michael.


Paul Kennedy starts his 3 months long service leave from next week.

Georgie Tunny will be presenting sport during his absence.


Thursday & Friday -
Ben Knight co-hosting with Virginia.


Trioli on the airwaves for the next 2 weeks.


It is great that the ABC recognised Paul’s absences in advance this year and have appointed a consistent replacement (Georgie is pretty good anyway).

As for the rest of the team, well I think they would benefit from getting Del Irani back so she can fill-in for both Michael and Virginia.


04 and 05/08/2018:

Tom Iggulden co-hosted with Johanna Nicolson this weekend



Del Irani will be filling in for Virginia next week.


It is great to have Del back on the show this week.

Virginia is enjoying her time back on radio.